Though an exciting marketing opportunity as proven in the recent days, Snapchat is strikingly different as compared to all the other popular social media platforms. This is one of the major barriers for marketers to start leveraging the popularity of this platform for their brand marketing. So, here are a few pro tips for the marketers interested in Snapchat marketing to help them make the most of it:

1) Rope Trusted Influencers in – Influencer marketing is hands down one of the most effective way to stand out on Snapchat. However, as compared to any other form of social media marketing, a brand has lesser control over the branded content created by the influencers. So, a handy tip is to go with the most trusted of the influencers who understand your marketing goals and your brand story well.

2) Give Regular Staging of Takeovers a try – In this, you will have some influencer take over your brand’s Snapchat account for an assigned period and that will help you promote your brand among the audience that is interested in more fun content than just plain branded content. Since it adds a human voice to your brand, it doesn’t only help your brand generate a buzz around it but it also helps you grow your Snapchat audience significantly and in a rather shorter time.

3) Engage in Story-telling – Leverage on the new feature of Snapchat wherein the Snaps and the Stories can play one after the other by default if multiple of these are shared with the viewers. So, this lets your brand build continued engagement by effectively telling a story through a sequence of multiple posts all in sync and this is how you can overcome the briefness of the time for which your posts are shared.

4) Share Content suited to the Platform – Snapchat, as a platform, is not about photoshopped and polished images, but it is more about instantly clicking the pictures with the camera, their fun editing and sharing as the posts that won’t last for too long. So, it being a casual, fun and fleeting medium to express oneself, appeals more to the Millennials’ audience. The posts can also be designed keeping this in mind to have maximum impact on the targeted audience.

5) Share Videos as well as Images – Using a thoughtful mix of videos and images can help you get your audience engaged in ways you cannot imagine. While images are quick to edit, view and share, the videos help add an element of liveliness to your stories. Both together help you maintain a variety in the content, break the monotony and keep your audience anticipating for more value in terms of entertainment and information from your brand.

6) Test & Test again, before you Post – Snapchat, being a different platform altogether, it makes perfect sense to test the content in private messages before sharing it publicly. From the response received by testing these in private messages shared with some of your users, you can get a fair idea of how your post is going to perform publicly.

7) Give away Coupon Codes – Owing to the ephemeral aspect related to it, Snapchat can be one of the most effective medium to generate a buzz by giving away coupon codes for limited period offers. This is sure to get tractions owing to the sense of urgency associated with it. Coupon codes are not only effective in increasing the engagement of audience, these can also be tracked down to exactly understand the quantity and quality of the response received.

8) Cash in on all the Anticipation – Much before you have an event scheduled to be conducted, you can start marketing it by creating a hype about it. Snapchat is a great medium to create anticipation on a day-to-day basis and cash in on all the hype thus created around your event.

9) Create a sense of Urgency – Just like the other media, on Snapchat also creating a sense of urgency among your users certainly works when you want your audience to take some action. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to cash in on the ‘view it before it vanishes’ quality of the Snapchat posts. Your posts can be so designed as to cash in on this aspect of Snapchat and help you generate maximum buzz around your brand.

These are some of the most effective tips and tricks you can use in the Snapchat marketing of your business to reap maximum rewards. Leave us a message or feel free to Contact us if you have any queries. Enjoy Snapping!

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