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Introducing Smart Web Design

Web has changed with Web 2.0 and now with the introduction of Web 3.0. Now, what is different? For a detailed read please see The future of web article from Carmatec’s experts. In short, a website is expected to be interactive, shareable & connected to multiple data sources that can help a prospective customer or a customer to find the information relevant to him/her.

Attention span of users are decreasing and engaging content is a major success factor of today’s website Design, which is presented with the best possible user experience. This helps the user to initiate predetermined business goals which are essentially what every web presence should be about.

Carmatec’s internet presence solutions leveraging Smart Web Design, brings to Doha, Qatar, the best of

  • User Experience & User Interface Design ( UI / UX )
  • High quality website designs.
  • Multi device, mobile, desktop and tablet friendly – Responsive web Design 
  • Easy content management and precise communication
  • A fast website Design which is SEO friendly
  • Backed up by 24x7 customer support & Cloud Hosting
  • Website Support and Maintenance 
  • Web marketing Services
  • Web Security Services
  • Web redesign Services 

Smart Website Design keeps your business goals in mind. Helps customers reach out to you using a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PDAs or personal computers. They also want information at the minimum possible time. As a leading web design and development company in Doha, Qatar we create websites that are blazing fast, easy to look at and look for information. Our websites use “responsive  design” and extensive testing for mobile compatibility so that your website looks great no matter where its accessed from.


Content is the corner store of any successful website. The content should be as precise and to the point as possible and specifically appealing to the target audience of your website. You might be able to write good content, but todays content needs to follow quality guidelines set forth to be easily found by search engines. Structure of the websites, identifiers for type of content and Local SEO factors should be considered when you build your website. At Carmatec our smart web design take care of your content strategy in such a way that its fine tuned for your specific need and business result.


A great content strategy has to be followed up by excellent UI/UX (User Interface & User Experience design). This is one of the strong pillars of great website design. Colors invoke specific emotions and has specific meaning in a culture. Choice of colors, to placement of content, components that goes into a layout each one of this has specific independent and combined effect in your sites performance. Our team leverages 12  years of experience creating, managing and reading website performance metrics to craft the right Smart Web Design solution for your business.


A wide range of Web Design Technologies

Our smart web design  packages offer wide range of technologies that can be utilized for your web design needs. We offer dynamic website packages around your existing technology stack so that there are no additional overheads on management. If you don’t have in-house staff don’t worry, we offer completely managed website solutions too.


  • Market Oriented Solution ensures relevancy
  • Interactive website helps engaging customers
  • Socially connected to spread the word
  • Interactions focused on goals, eg: lead generated
  • SEO optimised gets higher search engine rankings
  • Business linked Analytics  measurements

Web Design Packages

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