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What is Marketing Automation Services?

A technology platform, Marketing Automation helps businesses manage their marketing efforts by automating manual processes across digital channels to convert prospective customers into actual buyers. By automating the various tasks and workflows involved in demand generation, lead management and sales and marketing alignment, marketing automation contributes to shorter sales cycles, increased revenue and better marketing ROI.

Why Marketo?

Marketo offers cloud-based marketing software platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Touted as ‘Built by the marketers for the marketers’, Marketo offers solutions for every marketing needs to help organizations master digital marketing. Marketo offers a process-driven automated campaign builder with complete marketing suite features including :

  • Campaign management
  • Search, social and email marketing.
  • Landing pages
  • Lead generation
  • Budget management
  • Analytics
  • Sales insight
  • ROI optimization. 

How Marketing Automation can help Boost your Business ?

♦ Multichannel management ♦ Technology for modern marketing
♦ Sales funnel acceleration ♦ Improved marketing efficiency
♦ Campaign performance monitoring ♦ Connection of actions to outcomes

Why Choose Carmatec as your Marketing Automation Agency Partner?

Marketo is probably the most powerful marketing automation platform. However, it is also true that great many technologies fail every day and a wide number of organizations get stymied when it comes to execution of the technology. Without the right strategy and the right implementation, even the best technology may fail to realize its potential. We at Carmatec, help you leverage the most out of your Marketo investment, whether you want to improve your existing Marketo program or integrate Marketing Automation.

With rich expertise in all facets of Marketo, we offer you a wide range of services to help you implement a comprehensive strategy to help you communicate with your prospects and your customers at the right time, through right channels.


  • Marketing Team with Over 5+ years in Demand Generation, Email Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Team leader with over 14 years of experience across Sales and Marketing
  • Supported by dedicated groups of Creative, Social, Email, Search, Media, Analytics & Web Management Teams

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