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E-commerce platforms comes in various flavors and while expanding your business through e-commerce activities, one has to keep in mind the various components that requires careful consideration and if the platform is planned early on, many of the hurdles can be avoided.

Carmatec’s E-Commerce consulting services help you choose the right solution for your business that caters to the current, as well as future needs.  Our E-Commerce solutions are completely customizable and you get to have  a customized and unique visual presentation of your store without incurring heavy costs of a complete custom built solution.

We offer modularized, customizable solutions that fits your unique needs that makes us the Top Ecommerce Development Company in Qatar. Be it single store single domain or multi- store multi-domain, we have you covered.


Key Features

  • Choice of multiple platforms
  • Integrated Solutions for various Industries
  • Fully Managed E-commerce Hosting included
  • Secure Systems with PCI Compliance
  • Choice of wide range of payment gateways
  • Custom work flow for order management
  • Single page check out
  • Integration & Design of Custom CMS
  • Mobile front end for stores



Magento E-Commerce

We develop custom Magento shopping cart systems when you have a product intensive website. Magento puts exceptional Ecommerce functionality within the reach of most budgets. Because it’s an open source platform, design and development time can be substantially reduced – which means less cost to you.  This is an ideal solution for 50 products and above and is cost effective in covering most of the standard e-commerce workflows. We offer this is as a fully managed solution.


Spree Commerce

Ruby on Rails based, extensively customizable, Spree platform. This one is for complex workflows and large scale e-commerce deployments, with integrated CMS and SEO. If you are a large store, an E-commerce provider, this one is right for you. Smaller deployments can also be done if the workflow needs Ruby on Rails based application integration. Works quite well of custom e-commerce workflows. Supports selling one time, subscriptions and mobile extensions. Completely API driven so integration with other systems is a breeze.


WordPress E-Commerce

An E-commerce feature addition to your small business with not too many products and high on content based selling such as selling supplements on a fitness blog, personal subscriptions for training videos etc.  Ideally for less than 50 products / services / subscriptions Wordpress driven E-commerce solutions is a good choice. You will have the flexibility of choosing your own payment gateway and processing systems. We offer WordPress E-commerce solutions as Fully Managed (Security included)  packages so that you can focus on selling and we take care of the rest.


Shopify is a cloud-based easy-to-use, easy-to-setup, beautiful multi-channel e-commerce software. Suitable for all sized online stores, Shopify is a fully hosted platform,The Shopify Theme Store hosts a collection of over 100 premium and free ecommerce website templates. With themes created by world-renowned designers, you’ll love how your store looks on Shopify. At Carmatec, we offer an end-to-end set up services to help you create aesthetic, functional and bespoke Shopify sites. We offer strong built in designs and a range of built in marketing features to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Product Management for e-Commerce requires you to ensure that the business development, product development and users are glued together always. Carmatec can help your product managers with product Metrics & Analysis through custom dashboards, Testing, User experience, performance optimizations, Smoke Tests, Customer and Market Research, Consumer Tech, Non-Consumer Tech as well as Communication aspects.

Building an e-Commerce solution is the first step and Internet Marketing is a key ingredient to take your solution to the market and make it a success. We at Carmatec help you to do it at the right time and take your solution to the right customer (B2B, B2C or C2C) through our Internet Marketing solutions.

Carmatec’s Cloud team makes it easier to take your e-Commerce applications from development and testing platforms to production cloud solutions. Our development teams work hand-in-hand with our operations engineers following Dev-OPS culture to ensure flawless deployment and releases. Cloud Solutions and Cloud Consulting offered by us are customized for each one of our customers.

Carmatec’s security experts help E-Commerce business owners to secure their portal from credit card frauds. We help you by configuring your web infrastructure solutions to comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a proprietary information security standard for organizations), validate the Report on Compliance (ROC)  generated through scans performed via Qalified Security Assessor (QSA). Our customers already enjoy security solutions delivered through our Managed IT Solutions 24×7.

Carmatec builds Mobile E-Commerce solutions for the growing market. It’s a $230 billion industry as of today and is still rising exponentially. We can help you join the league by optimizing your websites and building custom solutions to take your E-Commerce mobile.

Internet Marketing for E-Commerce

Our solutions integrate well with the E-commerce marketing plans and your stores can be built from ground up to be SEO optimized, with content and product management support. Our internet marketing plans cover SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC ), Social selling, Email marketing campaigns, lead nurturing and advanced Conversion Optimization services. Check out our Internet Marketing services to know more.

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