Snapchat boasts of an audience size of over 300 million out of which more than 50% are daily active users. With well above 400 million Snaps shared daily, the platform enjoys a direct reach to over 40% of the young demography (Age group 18-35). With such deep market reach to a young and highly engaged audience, this social media platform should certainly not be missed by marketers looking to put their brands on the fast-track of business growth through the online channel.

The ephemeral nature of the content shared makes this platform all the more interesting for marketers since it allows them to feed their audience with regular stories and have their brand noticed. The implications of marketing on Snapchat are also far-reaching which is the reason why businesses are taking this social platform more seriously for business marketing. Here are some facts to prove its relevance as an important marketing channel:

Usage Pattern

It is the most popular social platform for the young population (under 24 years) who might visit the platform as frequently as 20 times in a day with a daily average of 25-30 minutes spent on Snapchat every day.


The total Snapchat ads expenses are growing rapidly with their increasing viewership of the ads; the geo-targeted ads are watched by well over half the Snapchat Users in the target location as per the recent statistics revealed by Snapchat and this can be a major driving factor for businesses to invest more in this social platform.


The statistics show that more than half the users will actively engage with brands on Snapchat in terms of following the brands, perusing their stories and even searching for the brands by their usernames and Snapcodes.

Type of content shared

The content on Snapchat can be shared in the form of images, videos or Snaps. While the images can be clicked right then and edited or uploaded from the image gallery, the videos need to be under 10 seconds and those can also be edited like images. The difference between stories and snaps is that while the stories can be shared with your followers (or everyone, based on your privacy settings), the snaps can be privately shared with the specified users. Stories and snaps are the images or videos that expire after the assigned amount of time after being viewed by the assigned users.

Key Features

The key features of Snapchat include audio and video notes, audio and video calls, stickers, multiple photo sending etc. More than 200 stickers are available to be shared privately. Audio and video notes are 10-second-long items that do not expire like the stories or snaps. The video and audio calls also allow for sharing images during the calls.
Enriched with all these features, Snapchat is indeed, a holistic platform that allow your business to interact seamlessly with its audience at every level be it the short-lived stories and Snaps or the audio and video notes or sharing of multiple images all at once. It is by far the most effective means to establish a strong connect with the young population which is the major consumer of offerings across industries and hence, needs to be focused by the marketers in this day and age.

In our next post, we will be covering how you can make the most of your Snapchat marketing efforts.
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