This is second post in our series of ways to build backlinks in SEO. If you haven’t checked the first part of the series, you might want to go through that first. Read : How to build backlinks in SEO (Part-1).

Although there is no set definition for link building, it can loosely be defined as a process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites. The landscape of link building is a dynamic one and keeps evolving. In today’s world of inter-connectivity, the importance of link building activity has never been more important. The world of link building may appear daunting but it can definitely be learnt and implemented for your website. One of the most important things to be kept in mind while link building is that the links are to be built for humans not for the bots. Whether you are a SEO newbie or are looking for ways to improve your link building activities, we are sure that you would find this guide useful.

8 Important Points to Remember while Building Links.

  • A website with higher page authority and domain authority may or may not have a high traffic.  Although getting a back-link from a high domain authority website is a great success because that will definitely help you gain authority links
  • If you are getting the back-link from a high DA website but if it is irrelevant, then the link won’t be of much use. If this is the scenario, then it is better to get the relevant Link from a low DA site .
  • Low DA websites are also a good source to get relevant back-links. Google always give importance to relevancy.
  • One more important thing that the link builders should understand is that simply building thousands of backlinks won’t be useful. It is essential to have relevant and quality back-links. Always give importance to quality than quantity.
  • Simply having a good piece of content won’t help you to get good links. It is very important to have good connection or network. For example, if you are in a forum and you’re posting some useful content that is of quality, then people are sure to share it. So from link building point of view, networking is really very important. A good presence on social media also plays a very significant role. If you have a good network or social media presence, then link earning will surely be easy, otherwise it will need huge promotion.
  • It is not necessary to buy the costly tools to build links. Links can be built manually.
  • Link building is not the only marketing strategy you need. Building links can help you get to the top of the search results, but to create overall brand awareness and web presence, there are some other important strategies as well.
  • Link building is just a small important part of a very big picture. To focus completely on link building or ignoring it, both are not a good idea. Equilibrium has to be maintained.

For search engines, links are like the street-way and the more links you have (obviously quality ones) the better it would be for your website. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, start your link-building process. In case you need any help in building backlinks for your website, Carmatec is at your rescue service. Get in touch with us now to understand how we could help you with your link-building endeavors.  

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