Business Requirement

The client came to us with the requirement of building an Arabic Sports Newspaper Website for EstadAlDoha – EstadAlDoha Web Application The website was expected to be responsive and user-friendly with a strong admin back end for the regular updates to go smooth.

Proposed Solution

Carmatec proposed to develop a highly responsive website for their front end that would offer to work seamlessly across platforms and devices. The proposed solution is highly scalable for the admins to update content on the website regularly with ease. Additionally, Carmatec proposed to develop Android, iOS and Windows Mobile app for the end user. The App would work in sync with the web application to offer seamless interaction to the end user.The mobile app is built to provide a handy solution to the end users to view and share the published news, matches and articles on social media such as Facebook, twitter, google plus and email. The app would also allow them to view the gallery photos and even play the videos in gallery. They could also view and download the e-magazines.

The website can be divided in two parts
a)    End User
b)    Administrator (Admins)
The End User of the website can view and share the published news, matches and articles on social media such as Facebook, twitter, google plus and email. “News” page has different news based on the category such as local, Arab and international football news along with other sports news whereas “Matches” page will have details about previous, current and future matches. End user can view the gallery photos and play the videos in gallery. On  the other hand, the administrator of the website can perform following activities:

  • Manage the Home page sections which will include different section for news, matches, articles, gallery and ads.
  • Manage multiple roles for the users accessing the website (Editor, Super user etc.).
  • Manage news, matches and articles.
  • Manage e-magazines.
  • Manage gallery photos and videos
  • Manage content for static pages
  • Manage advertisements to be displayed on the various pages

Technology used

The website is built using LAMP framework. LAMP framework is built using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Custom PHP platform with HTML as the front end and MySQL as back-end. PHP is used to design any type of application and is scalable. It can be run on all major operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows as long as the backend server is on a LAMP.

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