The web designer is responsible for designing a website’s layout, usability, and visual appearance. The core structure of a website is built and maintained by web developers.

Creative, graphic, and technical skills are necessary for a successful web designer.

An HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Python developer is responsible for turning a web design into a functional website.

A web designer or developer needs to understand the different roles, as well as the required qualifications and skillsets. Considering factors such as average wages, career growth opportunities, and web designer and developer types is also essential.

We’ll break down the differences between web designers and web developers in this guide, and we’ll also discuss how to choose between the two. Come on, let’s get started!

Web Designer:

A web designer makes the website look good. A website’s splendor and usability are the most important factors they consider. Using different software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc., Web Designers focus on the style and overall feel of the website to make it more appealing. 

Web designers can be classified into different types based on their roles: 

  • User Experience (UX) Designer: User Experience is also known as User Experience. After using software or an automobile or any other gadget designed, how a user feels and how his/her demands are met. A product’s efficiency can be defined as being used by the user in the way the developer intends.
  • interface (UI) designer: An interface (UI) designer creates graphics, illustrations, photographic artwork, and typography to enhance the display and layout of a digital product on a variety of devices. A user interface consists of input controls (buttons, drop-down menus, data fields), navigational components (search fields, sliders, icons, tags), and informational components (progress bars, notifications, message boxes).
  • Visual designer: The visual designer’s role is to make the finished product look attractive. User interfaces and Graphic designers are both part of their job description. It is important not to confuse graphic designers with visual designers.


Web Developer: 

Programmers are generally referred to as web developers. A fully functioning website is created by converting the design created by the web designers. In addition to JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET Python, they use other software and tools as well. Their main goal is to create a website that runs smoothly and functions smoothly.

 To create web pages based on designs provided by designers, web developers collaborate with UX designers, UI designers, and visual designers. 

It is also possible to divide web developers into three types based on their role: 

  • Front-end developer: 

Generally, the front end of a website is where the user interacts directly with it. Client-side applications are also known as client-side applications. Users experience everything directly through it: text colors and styles, images, graphs and tables, buttons, colors, and navigation menus. The languages used for Front End development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A front end developer creates the structure, design, behavior, and content of everything seen on a browser screen when a website, web application, or mobile app opens. Two of the main goals of the Front-End are responsiveness and performance. Regardless of the screen size, the developer must ensure the website is responsive, i.e. that it appears correctly on all devices.

  • Back-end developer: 

Server-side code is what makes up the backend of a website. Besides storing and arranging data, it also ensures that everything on the client-side of the website works correctly. In other words, it’s the part of the website you can’t see and interact with. This is the portion of software that isn’t directly accessible to users. Backend designers develop parts and characteristics that are indirectly accessed by users through front-end applications. Backend activities include writing APIs, creating libraries, and working with system components without user interfaces or scientific programming systems.

  • Full stack developer: 

Complete web applications and websites can be designed by full-stack web developers. A web developer works on the front end, back end, database, and debugging of a web application.


Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer

S. No. Designer of websites Developer for the web
1. It takes a very creative person to design a website. A web developer is a more technical person.
2. The aesthetic element of a website is the web designer. Developing a website based on client specifications is what web development is all about.
3. Visually appealing designs are created from the ideas. Websites that are fully functional are created by them.
4. An external design refers to the appearance and feel of a website. Basically, web development is how a website functions.
5. A web designer creates a mockup based on visual, UX, and UI features of the website. It is only after the concept is financially and technically feasible that web developers start coding the site.
6. In web design, the focus is on visuals and creativity, not on technical details. There is a need for web developers to be technically savvy. Programming languages and frameworks of varying complexity must be understood.

Web Designer Types:

  • UX (User Experience)
  • UI (User Interface)
  • Designer/Graphic Artist

Types of web developers:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Full-stack
8. Compared to web developers, web designers are less expensive to hire. Hiring a web developer costs more than hiring a web designer.
9. A web designer typically learns about typography and visuals. It is their responsibility to convert those designs into real websites. The design and functionality of a website is created using web tools and programming languages.
10. Website designers are responsible for managing the design and layout of a website’s graphical components. The task of a web designer is to balance the visuals of a website with its usefulness. A developer’s main duty is to monitor a website’s operation and understand how it works. A web developer develops, codes, and modifies a website.
11. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Sketch are some of the tools used for web design. HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Ruby, and jQuery are all used.

Web Design and Development Getting Started

The roles and responsibilities of web designers and web developers may seem similar, but they are very different. The front-end and visual aspects of a site have a significant impact on the usability and overall user experience. It is the responsibility of developers to take the concepts and ideas laid out by designers and turn them into fully-functional websites. 

Consider the different specializations and skill sets involved when choosing between becoming a web designer or a web developer. You might consider a career as a web developer if you’re motivated by the pragmatic, technical aspect of projects. A web designer, however, may be a more practical career choice if you are more interested in color theory, branding, and building websites. 

Would you like to know how to get started in the world of web design and development? Comment below with your questions!

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