In the past few years, Qatar has witnessed noticeable surge in businesses investing in web technology solutions. Technology, in this day and age means both an indispensable expense and an incredible opportunity for businesses to expand their market presence and market reach. So, as you start with your new business, you must be wondering what kind of an IT infrastructure will best address to your immediate and long termed business needs cost-effectively.

This post is aimed at addressing to the IT concerns any emerging and small business may have. So, let’s have a sneak peek into the prerequisite Web Technology Solutions stack, a small business needs in order to thrive in the current digital age:

  • Selection of Domain Name

    To enter the online market-place, the very first and foremost step, a business takes is to select an aesthetic and relevant domain name. Often a bit under estimated, it is one of the earliest and the most important branding decisions for your business that decides how your business is going to be perceived on the world wide web. Therefore, not taking due care while choosing it can get troublesome later.

  • Selection of Web Design & Development Services Provider

    Hire the website design and development services from specialists who are well-equipped with the know-how to deal digital presence challenges of a new business. An ideal web solutions partner imparts a solutions based approach to hand-hold your business throughout the process. The process generally commences with need analysis leading to designing, developing and putting all the elements together to work in the best way for your business.

  • Selection of hosting services

    Choosing the most-suited hosting solution for your new business can be a little tricky since this involves your concerns related to cost-effectiveness as well as flexibility and future scalability. And then, there are other technical considerations that also play a critical role in making this decision. Not all the hosting solutions available in the market are designed to be similar and as a new business, you may find yourself not well-equipped with the knowledge to choose the suitable one. A managed service provider can be of great help in such a case, to help you select the right service provider, right plan and get your website functional and backed by reliable support.

  • Consideration of ecommerce functionality

    Once you are sure about your business idea, you naturally strive to work-out a feasible business model for it. At this point of time it makes sense to take the decision whether you would be selling your offerings on your website or not. Once it is decided whether your website will be used for selling your offerings or simply for lead generation or information dissemination purpose, you can decide about the ecommerce implementation for your website. Ecommerce functionality will bring its own set of decisions for you to make, including – how and by whom will your product database be managed and maintained and what would be the mode of transactions. Working with eCommerce specialists can help you resolve this.

  • Consideration of performing website Marketing

    Website Marketing has become a very important consideration for any business that wants its online presence to be felt across the markets. The questions like how will your business be found on the internet have become more important than anything else. So, you also need to decide whether you would be adopting the organic or paid marketing techniques or a combination of both. Without in-depth understanding of how to use the contemporary website marketing tools, you cannot undertake this activity entirely on your own, let alone making the most of your website’s online marketing potential. Hence, the need for Website Marketing Specialists is felt by the new organizations.

  • Selection of social media strategy and partner

    Like the famous brands, your small business can also leverage the various social media tools and platforms in engaging a larger set of online audience as a part of their brand building exercise. Blogging, podcasting and utilizing the other tools of web 2.0 have come a long way in helping enhance engagement and participation of an actively engaged audience. Your social media marketing partner should be able to help you identify how you can leverage which tool in favor of your business along with offering result focused solutions.

    These are the most business-critical web technology solutions that your new business needs to embrace in order to stay competitive in the online market-place. From our experience of working with organizations of all sizes across industries, we recommend making a careful choice of your web technology solutions partner in order to bypass a lot of hassles that can come in the way of your business.

    Carmatec, with its full-stack services portfolio including website design and development, custom software development, mobile app design and development, website marketing solutions, cloud consulting and infrastructure, social media marketing and Ecommerce solutions, is one such trusted partner that helps every business make the most of its web presence potential.

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