Congratulations on successfully driving huge amounts of traffic to your website with organic SEO and Social media marketing! So, is the number of conversions on your website is also proportionately increasing? No? Has the bounce-rate on your web pages been the same high or risen even higher up? Ever wondered why?

Perhaps there are users who got directed to your website with an appealing piece of content but on browsing through your website, they couldn’t find what they were looking for. Perhaps, the users didn’t find your website not interesting or informative enough to continue. Perhaps they liked a product but didn’t understand how to Checkout to make payment. Or perhaps, they had trust issues when it came to purchasing anything from your website. The UX of your website has direct impact on its SEO. This is one of the key reasons why it is advisable to take SEO of your website into consideration right at the time of planning its UI/UX.

Let us take an example to understand a typical user’s perspective here. Let us suppose that as a visitor, you are searching for a service or product online and after typing the keywords relevant to your product or service, the search engine answers your query with the top 10 websites ranking for that keyword or service. Now, as a user you would like go ahead and click the first, second or third websites in these top 10 results. After clicking, the website does not load properly on your mobile device or taking lots of time to load the pages or the website content is simply, not at all relevant to your search. In any of these scenarios, you will likely move on to the websites below the already clicked ones or any other website for that matter.

Just imagine what happens if almost half of all the online traffic your website gets after spending so much of money on its organic SEO, bounces back daily only because of the bad user experience of your site?

It is true that SEO and UX are two different things. Whereas the Job of SEO is to drive relevant traffic to your website or App, a good user experience can help you convert that visitor to a lead or a customer. However, the very purpose of bringing all the traffic to your website is to ultimately convert them into engaged users of your website and a positive user experience plays a huge role in achieving this.

So, every time you lose a visitor, you might be losing a potential sales opportunity just because of a bad user experience. Now, the worst part of it all is that many of us are still not aware of this while some others would simply ignore to take such an important fact into consideration.

To conclude, you might see hundreds and thousands of visitors coming to your website daily but it may hardly reflect on increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the bounce rate for your website. If you’ve been wondering all this while as to why this is happening, well, you must have got the answer now. At the end of the day, it is the overall user experience that your website offers, is what matters the most for building and nurturing an engaged customer-base.

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