The terms UX (User Experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) hold remarkable value in the world of digital marketing. While some people tend to use the two terms interchangeably, for building a successful website, it is important for us to understand how these are mutually related and how we can exploit UI & UX skills such as behavioral analysis and user-centric design to achieve conversion rate optimization for any website.

How are UX & CRO Related?

UX (User Experience) encompasses all the elements of the end user’s interaction with the website which is inclusive of everything from their behavior to their engagement with the marketing content and all the other website elements. A UX expert essentially understands the end user needs so as to craft UIs that seamlessly cater to those needs across all the devices and channels according to the requirement. Conversion Rate Optimization, on the other hand, is the systematic process of optimizing the website by improving on the user journeys wherein on analyzing the user insights and the available data the barriers for website conversion are identified and eliminated. The process involves rigorous testing of the hypotheses to accept or reject those and use the learning for constantly improving the overall website experience.

How UX can contribute to CRO

Once we have understood how User Experience and Website Conversion Rate Optimization are related, we need to delve deeper into the subject to find out how, as a major component of CRO, how UX helps to drive CRO:

1. Enables understanding of User Behavior

The starting points are obviously the user insights and the available data that directs us to ‘what’ needs to be improved. Web analytics can tell us precisely which pages are driving website exits. Once we know ‘what needs to be improved’, further, by conducting usability studies we can figure the purpose or the ‘why’ of this improvement drive. Profound understanding of the user behavior is central to the website optimization plan, which facilitates us to come up with the hypotheses for testing and moving further with the research.

2. Leads to task flow restructuring

Identification of the barriers to website conversions gives the UX designers the opportunity to restructure the task flows to remove these barriers and improve the user journeys in order to eventually, positively affect the conversion rates. For conducting extensive research in order to identify the barriers correctly, every little detail matters. The new task flow needs to be designed keeping the user needs on the mind and the new task flow needs to make users’ lives easier. This is why top level UX skills are needed to successfully accomplish this.

3. Offers user centric designs for testing

The typical UX design processes result in user centric designs by means of validating the hypotheses after the performance of A/B testing of various design options in order to select the most user-friendly one. This doesn’t only mitigate the risk but it also enhances learning we derive from comparing different options and we can implement this learning for further improvement of the website experience.

4. Ensures device-wide compatibility

Smart UX designers duly consider the websites compatibility with every possible device since they know that this is one of the most critical factors driving website conversions. Unlike the regular ‘desktop first’ approach that accommodates the other devices progressively, this works to impart a much better user experience and results in better conversion.

5. Allows improvement through continuous feedback

The creation of a successful website experience is more of an evolutionary process as opposed to a ‘first shot hit’. With one successful test run, you cannot be assured of your solution as the best ever possible and it actually requires constant insights into the user behavior and needs. Continuous improvement in the UX results in continuously improved website conversion and conversion rate optimization as well.

The end goal of the entire process is to drive more conversions for the website. We’re one of the leading web design company in Qatar & our UI/UX specialists are specialized at successfully implementing their skills into increasing website conversions for the clients. Reach out to one of our UX specialists to understand how you can initiate the process for your website.

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