With the attention span matching that of an infant, the website visitors of this day and age are as restless as it can get. It is a fact that for grabbing the attention of such an audience, your website needs to stand out in all the departments whether it is the design or content or navigation structure or its load performance.
Even after making all the efforts to finally achieve high traffic on your website on a day-to-day basis, ever wondered why the bounce rate for your web pages still remains equally high? & why your website can just not compel your visitors to stick around for some more time? Here are some of the most probable reasons why users seem to abandon your website pages soon:

1) Your website loads too slow

In our fast-paced lives, we seldom have enough time to patiently wait for the websites to load for perusing the information we seek. According to a research, almost half the visitors will decide to leave the website if its load-time is anything above 3 seconds. So, for fixing the issue of website abandonment, optimizing the load performance of your website should be undoubtedly one of your top concerns.

2) Your Design is outdated

Surprising, as it may sound, the look and feel of a website has everything to do with its perceived trust-worthiness. So, if a visitor is not particularly pleased or at least at ease with your website design, they can decide to leave any moment. So, if it has been long that you have updated your website design according to the latest trends that support its convenience and usability factor, it is time you considered a professional upgrade.

3) Your site navigation is complicated

While browsing the internet to seek some information, we tend to stay on the websites that seem to easily provide this information. So, a clear and intuitive navigation of the website is must to make the audience stay on the site for longer. Navigation does not only have a direct impact on your website usability but it also directly impacts its SEO and hence, it becomes all the more important. The best way to test the website navigation is to put your feet in the shoes of a visitor and analyze what information would they expect to find where and based on that, how easy or difficult they find your website navigation.

4) Your content is not easily legible

The website design is not just about the look and feel of your website but it is all about the experience your website delivers to its visitors in terms of ease of use and ease of finding relevant information on it. So, apart from the images, colours and the graphics used to create a beautiful user interface, the presentation of the content also makes a huge difference since the users’ ability to easily read and digest the content can be a deciding factor for retaining them on the website. The website design and choice of colour should therefore be such as to create a high contrast to underscore the website content to make it stand out in a clear and clutter-free manner.

5) You do not give a clear call-to-action

A call-to-action sounds like such an obvious element on your web pages that often, small businesses tend to leave it out completely. Owing to a complete absence of a call-to-action or a poorly written and unclear call-to-action, at least 4 out of 5 small businesses lose out on sales. So, it should be clear by now that in order for your audience to perform the action you want them to perform, you need to prompt them for it using a loud and clear call-to-action.

6) Your product benefits are not clear

As you try to understand the reasons why your website would not result in sales conversions, an important one could be the absence of neat presentation of the selling benefits of your offerings along with its key attributes and many business fail to provide this business-critical information to their website visitors and this results in their visitors leaving the website without taking any further action.

7) Your website lacks responsiveness

With the implementation of Google’s major mobile algorithm update, it will be a downright foolish step – to say the least – on part of any business not to make their website responsive. This is especially true in case of e-commerce businesses since the buying decision of any mobile user can get immediately affected if they find any issues with the mobile-friendliness of your website. So, while it can be a bit of a hassle to incorporate responsiveness to your existing website design, in the current scenario it is totally worth the effort in terms of improving the conversion rate for your website.

These are only some of the reasons why your website is facing high bounce rates. And there can be some more critical elements of your website that you might need to work on, based on your specific use case. Get the help from experts at QatarCarmatec at diagnosing the exact causes and fixes for your website to enjoy higher conversions and contribute positively to your business growth.

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