In today’s world, the bare minimum requisite for any business to do well in the online market-place is an impressive web presence backed by a compelling web design and flawless programming. Exquisite web designs hold a special significance for the Qatar based audience.

So, by setting up the web presence of a business, the web design companies in Qatar strive to provide their end-users with pleasant experience and incredible ease. However, at the end of the day, the single-most question a user wants to have answered on a website is “what their business can do for them?” So, considering a typical user’s motivation behind going through your website, we have come up with the following ten tips for you to plan a great web design for your Qatar based business website:


  • Relevant Updated Content : It is not said for no reason that ‘content is king’. So, it is important to get the content of your website right, the first and the foremost factor contributing to your website design. The more updated and relevant your website content is, the higher is the usability of your website. When the usability of your website is high, your website users are able to easily access the information they are looking for.
  • UX-based Website Navigation : Good navigation facilitates your user to find all the relevant information with the utmost ease. So, if you include the element of consistency across your website with a user-friendly navigation and a search button to facilitate information search, your visitors will happily stay on your website to read all they need to find out.
  • UX-based Website Designs : It’s important for you to ensure that your design serves a purpose and does not detract from the usability of the site. Proper use of typography and color theory add to the user experience aspect of your design. This is the reason why the best web design companies based in Qatar focus on building exquisite website designs for business success.
  • Website Loading Speed : If your website consumes more time in loading than it should, it can result in your users giving up and navigating away from your website. If despite an eye-catching and user-friendly design, your website is not able to retain visitors, you must check the other aspects of the website as well, such as the server speed and the traffic volume on the website etc.
  • SEO : Keywords optimization of the entire website content starting from the titles, meta tags, headings, file names and the body text to make it Search Engine Friendly, helps your website get more traffic from the search engines.
  • Browser Compatibility : For producing a reliable experience, your website needs to offer a consistent experience across all the browsers. So, your website needs to be duly tested across all popular browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer so as to be consistently provide pleasant user experience across these browsers.
  • Functionality :  The website should be thoroughly checked for any errors and any poorly constructed elements that can contribute to affecting the functionality of the website. This is how you can ensure that your website functionality contributes positively to the user experience.
  • User Targeting : Ideally, even before you plan to design your website, you ought to ascertain the target audience of your website and position your brand’s offerings accordingly on your website. If the design is in accordance with the priorities, tastes and preferences of your target audience, it helps you target and impress them more effectively.
  • Contact Feedback :  FormInclusion of forms for contacting you and for offering feedback, helps you make your website more interactive and makes the end users feel that their opinion matters to you. This sense of importance encourages them to often leave you a relevant and valuable feedback or helps you get a qualified lead more often than not. This exercise on the whole helps you improve your website’s user experience.
  • Visitors Tracking : The last but not the least, it is critical for your business to be able to track the information such as the number of people who have come to visit your website, what they have looked for on your website, which pages they have frequently visited and for how long, using tools such as Google Analytics. This data provides you with valuable insight that helps you improve the structure of your website, its quality and eventually, the user experience.Are you looking to start your website project soon? Do you want to learn what are the best ways specific to your Qatar based business, in which you can include these 10 critical traits in your website design ensuring great user experience?

    Carmatec is one of the prominent Qatar based web design companies that holds extensive experience at providing you with end-to-end web presence solutions. Contact us for a detailed consultation with our digital transformation experts.

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