Nowadays, it is easier to act on your ideas, especially in the digital age. You can easily find hundreds of thousands of apps in the ‘play store’ or the ‘app store’ on your mobile device. Why wouldn’t we say that great ideas aren’t born from great ideas, but from great executions? If the apple had fallen over Newton’s head and he hadn’t responded, what might have happened? The execution of the idea is at least as important as the idea itself.

These days, you have a lot of help when it comes to execution. There are over 2,63,00,000 search results for “Best Mobile App Development Company” on Google. If you choose a company to build your app, how can you be sure they are reputable?

To help you choose the right mobile app development company in Qatar, here are some tips.

Identify your goals first

Although this may seem obvious, it will help you filter out the companies more efficiently if you have a clear understanding of your own requirements. Do you not first narrow down your requirements before purchasing a car? Identify the type of application you want by asking yourself some questions. Would you like the application to be developed in iOS, Android, or Windows? What kind of app do you want? Native or hybrid? Are you going to have a large user base? How do you plan to reach your customers? You will be closer to completing the project if you ask yourself these questions and more.

Get an overview of the experience

Experience speaks louder than words. When determining the credibility of a company, it is important to know how long it has been in business. What is the company’s experience with developing mobile apps? It is generally believed that having experience in mobile app development would translate into a varied and in-depth experience, which in turn would result in a smooth process.

Check out their portfolio

You should ask for the portfolio to determine if the type of application you want to build is something that the company has experience with. Find out what past projects the company has completed. You would be able to judge the technical depth more accurately with the previous work.

Seek references from clients

Know how to weed out the fluff from the stuff when checking for references from clients. The website testimonials usually showcase a company as amazing, but getting actual testimonials from past clients provides a more accurate picture of how the company works.

How agile are they?

It is extremely important to be agile in a world where faster ‘go-to-market’ is the norm. Make sure the company follows agile practices.

Make sure the process is transparent

The importance of transparency cannot be overstated. Communication regarding your application development should be constant within the company. In order for the client to be able to communicate effectively, an escalation mechanism needs to be in place.

Cost-effectiveness should be considered

Choosing the cheapest company may not always be the best option, so make sure your budget is in line with what you want. Keep your budget reasonable while getting a high-quality application. It’s probably a scam if the price seems too good to be true.

The company’s involvement

Does the company seem as excited about building the product as you are? What kind of services does it offer you that aren’t available in the box? Before constructing the actual product, is the company willing to create prototypes and models? In the event that they fail to meet the deadline, what is their policy? Make sure you understand the extent of the company’s involvement before you sign up.

Contact the Customer Service department

Clients should be kept informed throughout the entire app development process by the company’s prompt communication. No matter whether you communicate by mail, chat, skype, phone, or in person, they should be easy to reach.

Trust your instincts

Last but not least, and probably the most unconventional, follow your gut. It’s important to remember that the application is your baby, and just as a mother knows what doctor her baby needs, you can determine which company will develop the best app for you.


The following tips can help you significantly increase the probability of getting your app developed successfully when choosing a mobile app development team.

Having been in the mobile development field since its nascent stages, Carmatec Qatar specializes in all kinds of mobile platforms. We offer high-performance, highly intuitive mobile apps with thoughtful UI and glitch-free user experience, built using agile software development principles.

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