“There’s an App for that.” This catchy slogan redefined the world of mobile applications. With over 16 billion mobile devices being in use right now, and over 1.6 million Android Apps in market, it can be safely said that the app market is exploding. If you want to explore the world of apps, this blog is exactly what the doctors prescribed for you. But wading into the world of apps isn’t an easy task. You need to be able to shine from the horde of apps or risk getting deleted. You need to be on top of your game when it comes to quality and execution. Long gone are the days when a mediocre app could stay installed on the phone. Today if you create an app and if it is not up to the mark, there are higher chances of it getting lost in the sea of apps. If you are looking to develop an Android app, here are five things you must include in your android app development.

Create an app to provide solution to an existing problem

Your app must offer solution to an existing problem. Create functionalities that deliver a good impact rather than adding unwanted and useless features. If you identify a problem that your customers may be facing, build ideas to create an app that can solve that problem. Your app’s functionality must provide values to your target audience. If you think few functionalities included in your app are not useful/efficient, remove them or reedit them until they are perfect. A good app is enjoyable to use and offer some value.

Include Gesture Recognition

Today’s smartphones are coming to market with new features every day. One must-have feature for cameras is gesture recognition. Gesture control features in your apps can optimize user experience. Camera features can be controlled with just few swipes or taps. This gesture control feature can be used in an innovative way to provide great experience to users.

Build an app based on your target audience

Just identifying your target audience is not enough. Your app needs to cater to your target audience in every way possible. If you are creating an app for children, needless to say that animation works well. Similarly, if you are building an app for professionals, the design should be neat and customizable. The idea is to let your app speak to your target audience. Looks of your apps icon help you create your very first mobile impression, so the design should be good enough to make the users download the app.

Enterprise Features
If you are creating an app for any organization, then include features for remote access with stability, accuracy and performance. As organizations needs their employees to use app to access their business information anytime. Applications like CRM, ERP and SAP integration capabilities works better for enterprise apps. An app which saves time of the employees is likely to get more downloads.

Keep it Simple
This factor is applicable for all kinds of apps. An app should be as simple as possible. If you want your app to be successful then it should be simple enough to use, by all age group people. App’s features should be easily understandable and non-complicated. Your app should attempt to solve an existing problem, not create a new problem. The UI should be simple and easy to play around. A good app has a proper balance of aesthetic, power and simplicity.

At QatarCarmatec, we are adept at all kinds of mobile platforms and have been in the field of mobile app development from its nascent stage. We use the concepts of agile software development while building the mobile applications and offer high performance, highly intuitive mobile apps with thoughtful UI and glitch-free user experience.So, if you are looking to develop your app then feel free to contact us.

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