The very first Hackathon held by Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd in the month of November, a highlight for the year 2014 was initiated by the HR department -Aneesha(HR Manager) and team and coordinated by Tech organizers Junaid(Senior Developer) and Sreedeep(Senior Developer).

Omshivaprakash(Director – Business Development) was the one who has proposed this idea with a motive to drive the innovative spirit of the Carmatec and give them a platform to showcase their thoughts. Four teams have have taken part in this event with 3-5 members in each team whose spirit was really admiring and to be respected.

Needless to say the event was awe-inspiring and well received. The judge’s panel consisted of Aromal Rajagopal(CEO), Indu Aromal(Director of operations) and Omshivaprakash, and they did have some tough moments deciding the first runner up.

Now for the most awaited result, WHO REALLY WON THE HACKATHON

The trophy went to ColorCubes Team with a unanimous vote for they were definitely the front runners throughout the event.

What set their project apart was that it was well designed, well presented and it was extremely creative. And above all, it had a very relevant use case of solving a lot of UI and conversion related problems within the ColorCuboid team. Theirs was the only team that had implemented the project, so that was also a feather in the cap for them. So a big cheers to this team, for making a complex problem so simple to solve and implement & show case it to the team!!!

We then had a literal tie between Cygnus and Ideator!!

Both of them had presented a very good idea. Cygnus won it finally, but Ideator, you guys were just a step behind. Cygnus came up with this platform to integrate lot of development tools to create a software developer’s hub, thereby helping to solve a lot of problems the developers now face working with independent tools. Awesome idea, and has a lot of scope for future development, but lost out a little bit as the workflow for conceiving it was not elaborated in detail.

But we truly appreciate the idea and the minds.

Ideator came with a simple but very well planned plan to incorporate a new feature in VisionCarma and presented it with “To get a great idea, come up with lots of them”. They had thought about the workflow well, and we liked the way it was presented.

The next team is PhoneGap that presented us with a simple and easy to use framework about this software that makes mobile application development for cross platforms simple and achievable easily. It was surely a good one, and may solve a lot of things we want to take up on mobile front.

So that concludes the Hackathon event;

Great job to the participants and the organizers…

We hope to see more of such activities in Carmatec and till then keep your thinking hats on!!!