Social, Social everywhere! With so many social channels available and so little time, it can be a daunting task to choose a social channel for your business communication. With the social media platform expanding at an exponential rate, it is becoming increasingly complex to understand and leverage the most effective social media platform for your business. Apparently, the social media is not there just for communication anymore, according a recent study, it has helped over 50% B2B businesses to generate leads. So, it is obvious to deduce that it is definitely worth your time to invest in social media strategy.

In this time and age, a social presence is almost mandatory, not just to interact with the customers but also for the prospects and non-customers beyond your products and services. A generally accepted norm is that you need to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. However, it totally depends on the kind of business you are in and the kind of audience you deal with. Check out below to understand what kind of questions you need to ask yourself to help you choose your channels for social media.

Questions you need to ask to determine your social channels

Who are your target market?
Of course, this is the first question you need to ask yourself even when you start your business, this question is crucial for the success of your social media marketing. Know your audience and where they like to hang out. Know where they are from and what age-group they come from. For instance, if you are into apparel business and your target audience range from 18 to 35 age group, you need to ensure that whatever social channel you choose, your target audience relates to it!

What do you aim to achieve from your social channels?
Decide on your goals before you decide to choose a social channel. What do you hope to achieve from your social media presence? Is it leads? Is it better interaction? And then find out what your customers want from you through any social channels. Decide on a channel that best connect both these goals.

How many channels can you maintain, consistently?
It can be tempting to be present everywhere but merely opening accounts will not help. You need to constantly monitor, interact and analyse your social channels. Depending on the resources, decide on the number of social channels you may want to go for. For instance, for Linkedin, posting weekly or bi-weekly may be enough but on Twitter or Facebook or even Instagram, you would need to post daily or even few times a day.

Where are your competitors?

It is also a good idea to emulate your competitors if they are doing well with their social media channels. Since, you deal with the same kind of business as your competitors, your target audience which is the same as your competitors, may expect you to be on the same channels.

Do you need to take geographic differences into account?
This is relevant if you deal with a global set of audience. In that case, you need to either have separate social channels for different countries or rope in social media agency to help you.

Once, you have a clear understanding on these questions you may be able to go ahead on deciding a social channels. If you are still a bit unclear, follow this page to check out our next blog on the same topics where we discuss more about choosing a social channels which is just right for your business.

Bonus Tip: If you are unclear on what social channel to start your social channels, you could start with Twitter. It is difficult to go wrong with Twitter (although there are so many examples of wrong Twitter usage). If used in a proper way, Twitter can do wonders for your organization.

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