For a business to be successful in this day and age, it must have its ‘mobile-first’ strategy well in place. Here are some eye-opening statistics that explain why any business should adopt a mobile-first strategy sooner rather than later:

  • The mobile ad spend is expected to increase to $195.55 billion by 2023 & by then, mobile ads will account for 70.1% of the entire digital advertising.

Source: Venture Beat.

  • 34% of online purchases now happen on a mobile device.

Source: Google

  • Content Marketing is estimated to be a $300+ billion industry, by 2023.
  • SEO-related spending is estimated to be worth $80 billion by 2023.

Source: PQ Media

So, we can safely assume that a ‘mobile-first’ approach to your business marketing may not give a competitive edge to your business anymore, but it sure serves as a must-have component of its survival kit in the fierce competition that might get more intense in 2023. So, it is only by developing an in-depth understanding of mobile traffic, engagement, conversions and revenue that are we able to build our mobile-first strategy that helps optimize these critical performance parameters.

Important Mobile UI Design Trends that are Expected to Rule the Market in 2023 :


1) The large screen designs are going to be in trend because of their great appearance as well as the expedient user experience they offer

2) The UI is expected to get more intuitive and simplified by grouping up the information into small pieces to give the users a quick idea about it, by applying animation and lots more with the underlying idea of creating a really simple and amicable User Interface.

3) A majority of swiping and scrolling we do, might get replaced by gesture-based models. This would enable the user to simply make use of their hand and finger movements in order to control the user’s emotional range gestures. This kind of UI/UX is expected to reach new benchmarks of success.

4) The key success factor would be the comfortable user experience that we can provide in every aspect. So, navigation and scrolling as well, it would be designed creatively to meet this underlying objective of grabbing the user’s attraction and achieving a comfortable experience for them.

5) We are in the times when if a brand is able to convey its own story to the end user and is able to make them connect with the brand strongly, it is able to win those customers. So, story-telling would be the style for the year 2023 and the design needs to support it holistically.

6) There won’t be any strict standards for typography as far as creativity would be concerned. So, if you are confident to be different when it comes to typography, your brand will surely get noticed and appreciated which is any day safer than running the risk of getting lost in the crowd with the use of generic typography.

7) In addition to what we already discussed above, the functional animation of the app can be enhanced by applying motion to the core functions of your app so as to highlight those even when the user is simply browsing without a specific purpose. This is bound to grab the user’s attention and get your app noticed.

8) Apart from these, the basic rules of designing will still continue to hold true. Such as a fresh appeal created with the use of a colour palette that goes down well with your business industry is anytime going to go a long way.

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