Are you struggling to get the results you expected from your marketing automation tool / software? Or are you still simply pondering over the idea of implementing the software for your business? The fact that buying and installing a marketing automation software is not enough in itself, when it requires a lot of servicing to make it into an end-to-end solution, makes it important for your start up to hire a partner agency to handhold you through making the most of your marketing automation.

A lot of third party agencies offer a holistic marketing automation solution which includes a package of the software along with the required support to implement it right. This means that their team works in close coordination with your marketing and sales teams to help you make the most out of this tool & automate and simplify your marketing operations.

Marketing automation challenges that a marketing automation partner resolves for your start-up

Challenge 1: Difficulty in Adoption

A true marketing automation system requires to be implemented across the company’s website, social media accounts, CRM etc. Along with the expertise needed, the kind of budgets required are huge too.

Solution : There are partner agencies (like ours) offering complete suite of services including implementation, integration and other aspects of setting up the software. We’re often roped in to improve a poorly executed marketing automation software.

Challenge 2 : High Fees

While the big enterprises find it easy to pay the high fee of marketing automation companies charge for the implementation of the tool, this fee is a barrier in the way of the small companies to adopt marketing automation. Moreover, many of the key marketing automation providers get into year-long contracts with up-front payment involved, this requires huge capital deployment, impossible for small or mid-sized firms. This is the reason why a significantly higher percentage (over 25%) of Fortune 500 companies have already adopted marketing automation as compared to small companies.

Solution : There are several new marketing automation software that are targeted at the small and medium sized firms. These eliminate the need to sign the yearly contracts and work with the monthly payment schedules. Also not having to pay any kick-off fees makes it all the more convenient for the small and medium sized firms to adopt marketing automation.

Challenge 3 : Technical Expertise Needed

Marketing Automation does promise to align and automate a lot of your marketing tasks but it does require a lot of up-front work which needs to be managed and optimized on an on-going basis. This is the reason why many-a-companies that start by purchasing the software pay the fees, get it implemented and remain unable to completely tap its potential for their business. The lack of technical expertise and the time required to do so is the constraint.

Solution : Whereas the enterprise organizations have the budget as well as the availability of resources to hire team or individuals whose sole responsibility is to manage and optimize the use of the marketing automation tool, the start-ups like yours need the services of an agency to help you make the most of your marketing automation efforts.

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