Before we let you in on how awesome a platform Facebook is, for the business users, here are some amazing statistics about Facebook:

  • One out of every 13 people on Earth uses Facebook.
  • There are almost 1.4 billion Facebook Users in the world
  • A smartphone user, checks their Facebook page almost 14 times a day.
  • Over 500,000 Facebook “likes” are posted every minute on Facebook.


We could go on and on but I think these stats are enough to drive home the point on how important Facebook can be for your business. According to a report by Facebook, there are over 30 Million Small businesses on Facebook but of course not all of them are optimized for reach and conversion. If you are struggling to increase your reach on Facebook, this post is right up your alley. Check out some ways to increase organic reach on Facebook below!

Analyse Your Facebook Organic Reach

There are few Facebook analytics tools from which you can easily analyse your results, create creative contents and post things that you think your followers will want to look at. PostAcumen is one such tool, it helps you to analyse your results by finding areas of your Facebook page and it provides relevant information on which you can improve.

Organize Contests

Conduct contests and give prizes and rewards to keep your customers interested in your page. Such contests and promotion helps you get more interaction and engagement.

Publish images and Videos on Facebook

After all, it is a Social media, do not make everything automated. Post images of your products, services and behind the scenes photos of you and your team. Make a funny ad image of your product and post it. Analyse your strategy, whether your fans prefer Images over videos or vice versa and post more of what they like.

Post at Off-peak Hours
Facebook is a leisure activity for most of us. So, posting during a busy Monday morning will not generate enough likes or interaction. Post when your customers are most likely to interact with your page, like in the evening or during lunch hours. Test by posting during different times and by noting the engagement. Depending on the engagement level, you can tweak your posting timings.

Use Hashtags
Hashtags were designed to help create and conversation around relevant topic. Don’t use too many hashtags, restricting to only 2 or 3 hashtags, otherwise, your post would look cluttered and ugly. Using too many hashtags lead to less interactions. However, adding hashtags to the end of your posts will help it reach people who may be searching for that specific topic and would increase organic reach.

Post High Quality content
To acquire the attention of your audience, build high quality content. Your contents should promote the values of your brands. You should focus on publishing a fresh stream of content and it would generally be helpful for your audience.
Use location targeting option on Facebook.

Create multiple contents of same topic according to different location and regions and deliver it to your specific audience. You have option to target by country, state and city. This is one of cleverest ideas to increase organic reach on Facebook.

Engage your Community with Questions
Ask questions and go through their answers to get an idea about what they think about your business. Show interests and take part in discussions. Take care of disgruntled customers. Never get aggressive. Be polite and tactful but don’t make your interactions machine-like.

Well, following these tips will ensure a steady stream of traffic to your Facebook page. Comment below in the comments section if you have any other strategies to increase organic reach on Facebook.

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