“A penny saved is a penny earned”. This adage has been a solid block of financial wisdom for decades and it still rings true for effective financial management for any business. But it couldn’t be truer when it comes to getting the most out of Google AdWords.

For those not in the know, Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google where you can display your ads and links to appear alongside the search and content results based on targeted keywords, which the user can click on to land on to your website or landing page.

More often than not, businesses set up campaigns, throw in some keywords and expect the AdWords to do some magic. Well, needless to say, this hasty and imprudent process only leads to disappointment with little or no traction.
A well-thought out AdWords campaign can do wonders to your business and bring in a lot of customers. But it is equally easy to see your hard-earned money go down the drain with a mismanaged campaign. Check out the post below to understand how you can get the most out of your Google AdWords investment.

Try out Google AdWords Express
If you are at your wits’ end on how to maximize the Google AdWords potential, leave it to the pros. To reduce the difficulty of managing ad campaigns for beginners, Google offers a service called Google AdWords Express. It automatically manages keywords and ad placement.
In AdWords express, everything is managed from Google’s authorized campaign managers. The only thing you have to do is to set up your budget and leave the rest to AdWords express. The campaign managers research the targeted keywords based on your business and manage your account. You can use this services for couple of months in the beginning and later once you have earnt the nitty gritty on how to run an AdWords campaign, you can setup your own.

Use Google Keyword Planner
If you are a beginner, it may be really difficult to choose keywords. Use Google keyword planner to find the best keywords for your business. Type relevant keywords to your business in the keywords field in keyword planner and click on to get ideas. You will get results based on the relevancy of the keywords used by you. You can analyse the result data and use those keywords for your campaigns.

Work on Negative keywords
As the name itself suggests, negative keywords are the keywords for which you don’t want your ad to show up. Providing importance to negative keywords as much as your regular keywords is critical. Add negative keywords to your campaign. You can use Negative keyword lists feature to manage negative keywords. By adding right negative keywords, you not only save wrong click through rates but also save a ton of money. Always ensure that you have added enough negative keywords for your PPC to drive good CTR and targeted searches.

CTR (Click Through Rate)
CTR (Click Through Rate) is one of the key metric that will define a successful campaign. Focus and build your campaign with CTR in your mind. Spending more on keywords with better CTR and pausing the campaigns with low CTR will help you gradually reduce the cost per click and increase your CTR.

Use Ad Extensions to Increase Your CTR
Ad Extensions are features that display extra info about your business with your ad, like your address, phone number, more links, ratings, et al. It tends to increase your business’s visibility so setup proper Ad extensions to increase your ad relevance and better SERP for your ads on the results page. You can setup the ad extension manually for your ads or if your campaigns meet a certain criteria then Google will add extensions automatically for your ads.

Select Target Locations Precisely
When you are targeting your campaign for a small geographical area, it’s better to choose the locations exactly rather than setting up radius target. It will improve your campaign CTR.

Concentrate on Mobile Users too
Optimize your business site for mobile users, it will improve sales conversion rates. If a user finds difficulty to use non optimized site on mobile, it may result in sales loss. Unless your campaigns are targeted only for PC users, do not ignore mobile users. Fully optimised landing page for mobile ads results in better ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

Implement Proper Conversion Tracking
Setting up proper conversion tracking is very important for long running campaigns. If you are running AdWords campaign for an online business or an E-store a conversion can either be a purchase, a sign-up or a lead for your sales team. It is a critical action that you want your visitors to take as a result of displaying your ad.

Use AdWords Re-Marketing Feature:
When you have properly configured and linked your AdWords to Google analytics account, Google can track the converted visitors from your AdWords campaigns, then it pushes the data from analytics into your AdWords campaigns. This will gradually increases re-marketing ROI.

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