Picture is worth a thousand words! This phrase, although clichéd, just means as humans we resonate with visual cues more than the written words. For instance, a rose’s beauty can be felt with much more precision when an actual rose or even a picture of it is shown. Explaining about rose may not have the same effect unless you are Shakespeare!

Think about all the data in spreadsheet and how arduous it would be to make some sense out of it. Now think of an infographic representing the same data in a visual way! Well, you get the drift. It is much more effective.

For those of you not in know, Infographic is a graphical way of representing an information or data to make it easily understandable at one glance. A good infographic has the power of making a reader understand complex information with ease. Infographic are more attractive and easily digestible as compared to text.

Infographics are also designed to increase stick rates, it can make viewers stay longer and consume more of your content. Higher stick rate increases the chance of search engines to recognize the importance of your content which in turn helps to improve search rankings. Infographics are an effective SEO tool which can boost your rankings and turn visitors into customers.

Infographic is one of the best content marketing tool in trend today and it can help boost your SEO. Check out some of best SEO benefits of Infographics.

Increasing Interest in Infographics
Continuous growing interest in infographic can be an advantage for business owners and digital marketers. Use this as effective marketing tool to present your data. There are a lot of online tools available to help you create infographics. However, remember that just throwing in some data and making it visual would not help, you need to present something unique and not easily available. It also needs to be fantastically designed for it to attract the viewers.

Tackle Reducing Attention Span With Infographics
Reduced attention of users have always been a worrying factors for business owners. But this could be used to advantage by offering content in the form of infographics which can be easily scanned to understand the content and it is also more memorable than text. This is good for SEO as more time spent reading the infographic means more views and more traffic.

You Can Boost Your Brand Awareness
You can express what your brand really means via Infographics, which may not be expressed that well with only text. When you explain about brand and services with only text, it doesn’t have the same effect as much as Infographic. Only text is like telling things, Infographic means showing things to people. According to many Digital marketing experts, infographics are one of the best way to increase brand awareness. Include the logo, website address and contact information and disseminate it on your social channels as well as other digital mediums to reach target audience.

Infographic can Go Viral on Web
Infographics have the power to go viral. A really well-designed infographic with unique data can even go viral and bring you traffic like never before.

Infographics is a Linkable Asset
A good linkable asset attracts the attention of people and also conveys the useful information that people may like to share on their social media accounts. Infographics are fun and engaging and so a great shareable asset. You can ensure your infographics are linkable by providing high quality and well researched text coupled with amazing visuals. You can even earn links from outside of your industry with nicely designed infographics.

A well-designed infographic can really create wonders for SEO of your website! Want to know how you can create a well-designed infographics, get in touch with us today!

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