Are you bored of your same-old website and thinking to give it a new look this year? After all new things start with New Year right? Before you get caught up with the latest fads and go all the way in and redesign your website, you need to consider few things.

Know that a well-designed website can spell the difference between success and failure. It can build awareness, boost sales and help your company grow. Before you move on to understand what you need to consider for redesigning, you need to first have a good look at your current website. Does your current website gives you enough leads? Does it have navigation issues? Does it have good traffic? You need to determine how your current website is performing before you can embark on the redesign journey. Now that you have a good understanding about your current website, check out the list of five essential elements you need to consider before undergoing a website redesign.

Align with Your Business Goals

Setting the right goals could be the difference between website success and failure. Focus on what’s important for your business. What may be aesthetically pleasing may not be a lead generation machine! Avoid setting vanity goals and focus on metrics which help in translating your business success. Your website goals should match with your business goals. Create SMART goals that is, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals.

Make it specific by attaching a concrete number to it. Whatever goals you set should be measurable, for instance, tracking the percentage of conversion rate through Google Analytics. The goals should also be attainable, that is, if your current conversion rate is less than 10%, you shouldn’t expect the redesign to miraculously fetch you 100% conversion rate. Relevancy is obvious, any goal you set, should be relevant to your company and its vision. Also, set a pre-defined timeline to analyze the success of the redesign.

Understand What Your Users Want

Your visitors define your success and a happy visitor might as well translate to a happy buyer. Know what problems your visitors are facing when they log into your website. Are they facing any navigation issue with your website? Is your website responsive? Are the content on your website easy to understand? Take customer feedback survey and based on the results, proceed with your redesigning.

Weigh the Design Trends

Just because the latest fad may be the new norm, doesn’t mean you need to go for it! There are various web design trends like one-page website which may not be good for SEO. Before deciding on the design theme, weigh the pros and cons of all the latest trends and only after it aligns with your goals, go for it!

Factor in the Budget!

Plan out a budget for the redesign and whether you need to do it in-house or get the help of pros. Don’t pick the first vendor that comes your way or you don’t even necessarily need to go with the old vendor that did your original website. Check out the redesign rates that’s going on in the market and ensure that design, content, functionality and maintenance is taken into account.

Peek Into the Competition

Since, you deal with same target audience, knowing what your competitors are doing could very well help you design your own. Check out what your competitors are doing and go beyond just the look and feel. Check out their current ranking through and also dig deep into understanding where they stand in terms of SEO, lead generation, et al.

Now that you have a better understanding of what the redesigning has in store, go paint the town red! If you are on a lookout for a web design partner to change the growth story of your website, check out what our clients are talking about us here.

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