Ramadan 2018 is just around the corner. Starting on 15th of May this year and lasting till the 16th of June, the holy month culminates into the celebrations of the auspicious festival of Eid-ul-fitr. The religious festivities during the month of Ramadan do not only bring changes to the pattern of the day-to-day life of the individuals observing but these also help bring about a second-to-none opportunity for the marketers to position their brands in alignment of this new change in the general buying pattern. As a matter of fact, no marketer can afford to overlook targeting their marketing at this time of the year that gives them an awesome chance to woo a targeted and highly engaged audience of Islamic adherents to the tune of 1.8 billion world-wide.

Cashing in on this opportunity to put the best foot forward for your brand, you can plan targeted digital campaigns to effectively put your brand’s presence at the fore-front of the market. Broadly speaking, there are major changes in terms of consumer expenses, marketing and advertising budgets, online traffic, website visits and the average time spent online that are experienced during this period. So, before you begin to plan your campaigns, here’s all that you need to know about the changes in the market trends – in general.

Digital Marketing Trends for Ramadan

  • The internet traffic is expected to go up by more than 10-15 % while the online engagement, in general, is expected to increases at least by a third.
  • Much of the search volume is expected to between 10 PM to 4 AM, going by the regular pattern. This happens because of a changed lifestyle and sleeping pattern during the month. Out of these searches, most happen for religion and entertainment.
  • The time and amount of money people spend online in this month is expected to shoot up immensely, just the way it has gone up by about 40% as per the past data.
  • The industries such as Arts & Entertainment, Food & Dining and Travel & Tourism, as always, are expected to be the key drivers of positive market trend during Ramadan.
  • Google’s recent search data suggests that about double the number of people seek arts and entertainment and about two thirds of the population spends more on grocery which is expected to happen this time as well.
  • Travel industry has witnessed major boost in its sales in the past few years, specially owing to Ramadan falling in the summer season. This trend will continue to follow.

How to leverage the Ramadan Marketing Opportunity

Going by this data, here are a few tips that can be followed while creating an integrated digital marketing plans targeted for your brand to take the center stage in the market:

  • Smart allocation of resources in line with the market trend, can help achieve better marketing results within the limited funds and resources. For example, the brands can focus on the timings of the maximum activity to get effectively connected with their audiences.

  • Leveraging this opportunity of high online engagement, brands can maximize the benefits they can reap by employing an effective social media strategy that results in targeted social acquisition to fuel the business growth.

  • The website traffic is high and can be taken higher up by creating and sharing content that goes beyond just the prospect of pitching in the sales of your offering. A highly engaged audience thus, can be turned into interested buyers with intelligent and creatively engaging content.

  • Focused email marketing efforts with their target aligned to the buying pattern in this season can result into unexpected benefits. So, it pays for the brands to put sufficient thought into the process of planning and creating email marketing & nurture campaigns.

  • Personalization of a user’s interaction with your brand needs not be limited just to the email marketing campaigns but it should be spread across all platforms to let their level of interaction with your brand guide the way they experience your brand.

  • In addition, this is one of the best times in the year to take your mobile app engagement to the next level. Thus, cash in on this opportunity to run campaigns that help enhance mobile engagement.

So, are you inspired to add the ‘Ramadan’ flavor to your digital marketing campaigns and adopt an integrative marketing strategy to hold the pulse of the target audience at the right points? Now would be the right time to get started and get going!

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