The function of a website home page header is not just to sit there and look nice, it is much more. While a compelling home page header efficiently grabs the attention of your audience, it primarily helps you convey in a simple and fun way, what you and your business is all about. There are multiple types of Home Page Header Layout, based on which you can select your website theme. Making the choice of the home page header layout largely depends on which one will suit to your business type and more than just a design decision, it is hence, a strategic decision for your business. Apart from discussing the different types of the home page header layouts, this article gives an insight into which layout would be suited for what business type, to help you choose the one for your website.

Static Header Image with no Content

As they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and if so is the case with your business you can conveniently opt for a suitable static header image for your home page. This type of home page header fits the bill for the businesses that rely on products that have a visual value and in the cases where display is important. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, jewelry, apparels and flowers etc. can therefore easily consider this layout for an effective presentation of their offerings on the home page.

Static Header Image with Content

This is the most expedient layout of the home page header and practically any business can consider using it to present their business on the home page and grab the attention of their audience. Apart from an image representation of your business, it lets you talk about it in terms of a headline, a small paragraph if needed and most importantly, a call to action. This is the reason why this could be your safest bet in case you’re not sure what layout of the home page header you should choose for your business website.

Slideshow Header with Content

Businesses with a diversified portfolio of multiple offerings that cater to different sets of audiences can be justified on the home page through this kind of a presentation. So. if your company offers multiple solutions to multiple demographic segments, by using this layout, you can address to the varied needs of these audiences on your home page all at the same time and in a rather clutter-free manner. Also, if your product or services find different applications in different industry segments creating different value for each industry type you cater to, this can be presented very nicely using the slideshow header layout with relevant content.

Video Background Header

One of the most versatile and engaging ways to represent your business on the home page is by using a video background header. Videos are not only appealing, they let you explain the scope of your business offerings and processes in an entertaining and engaging manner. This is the reason why most of the renowned and successful businesses prefer to use video background headers. All you need is a short high quality video that conveys your marketing message in an impactful manner in a unique style to make a lasting impression on the minds of your audience.

The beauty of a home page header is that it lets you be as creative as you want while explaining what your business is about right above-the-fold on your home page. Make the most of this opportunity by making the right choice of header layout.

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