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Dr Tengbe and team were searching for professionals for the revamp of their outmoded, antiquated site. Poised to be the next President and armed to bring the SLPP party back in power, Dr Tengbe sought something that showcased the admirable work they were doing for the people of Sierra Leone.

Dr Tengbe approached us to create a website reflective of his persona as a politician: responsive, progressive, development-focused, involved, energetic and compassionate.  We took on the challenge with enthusiasm and immediately took to brainstorming. We wanted to create something that displayed Dr Tengbe’s social conviction in order to bring to fore the amazing work he has been doing for his country.


Politics stand for vision and it is imperative that a politician’s vision for his people and country shine through all his communication medium and that’s why we decided to incorporate the UI and design such that it displayed Dr Tengbe’s vision for his country and his agenda for the development of the people of Sierra Leone. From our previous experience with similar clients, we had analysed that most visitors are interested to know the driving factory behind candidates of political arena. The voters are also keen to know what the candidate will do for them and their country.

Dr Tengbe comes across as an honest contender which is rare to see in the political arena. It is difficult to find politicians that hold true to their values and ensure their decisions are first made keeping in mind their constituents and not their personal agenda.  We decided to integrate Dr Tengbe’s values in the design elements so that his visitors could get a foretaste of how he and his team functions.

The country of Sierra Leone faces the challenge of inadequate economic transformation and therefore, other important elements which we decided to incorporate in the website was Dr Tengbe’s core values, he and his team’s vision, how they planned to make a difference, their strategies and strengths. Above all, we wanted Dr Tengbe’s personality to shine through the website and how he planned to put his nation on a positive economic trajectory.

Our Approach

Just like how the country of Sierra Leone is akin to a multi-hued blanked with various pieces, colours and textures, showing its diversity and many different races living peacefully, we created a colour-scheme for the website that is earthy and conveys peace, nature and inclusivity. We brought Dr Tengbe’s vision of development to the fore, and decided to keep the navigation as simple as possible, in keeping with the theme of uncomplicatedness. We put SLPP priorities at the forefront, showcasing them in a novel way and focused on creating instinctual navigation. The website is content heavy however, the professional and attractive design and placement ensures that the information is never overwhelming and is easy on the eyes.

From the homepage to all inner pages, Dr Jonathan Tengbe’s website packs a solid punch.  The soothing green and blue colour scheme coupled with grey and white tones is used to signify Sierra Leone’s strength of diversity. The content is placed such that it is easy for voters to find out all the information about Dr Tengbe and SLPP party. The homepage slider banners focus on Dr Tengbe, providing a glimpse into the person, his voters could be supporting. The sliders show photos of Dr Jonathan with nicely laid out information about his personality and characteristic.

His homepage message focuses on how he promises to deliver on his undertakings. The pages like ‘Make a difference’, ‘Vision’ are packed with strong messages about why voters should choose Dr Jonathan.

Dr Tengbe’s website effortlessly infuses across mobile platforms to meet the evolving needs of their voters, and the design reflects the trajectory of development and success that Sierra Leone is aiming for.  Social media is also integrated within the site environment so it is easier for the visitors to keep in touch with Dr Tengbe and team.

Check out the video to see what Dr Tengbe himself has to say about us. If you have any doubt, feel free to Contact Us . We will respond back to you within 24 hours.

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