In the online world, few things are more misunderstood or misinterpreted than the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Often abbreviated as SEO’, this term is often rife with mystic, alchemy, or black-magic secret. This unfair depiction has led many to devaluate the importance of SEO. Although the term may sound complex and intricate and to some measure, mystical, SEO is in fact, a great method to bring awareness and visibility to your website. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a web page so that it can get maximum visibility from the Google bots as well as searchers.

SEO can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. On-page Optimization
  2. Off-page Optimization.

In On Page Optimization, we optimize the page such that it becomes easy for Google bots to crawl the page and index it.

Off page optimization basically involves link building and driving traffic to website from other websites. Read on to know the best Off-Page SEO strategies.

The first and the foremost important step in off-page optimization is to build high quality relevant backlinks. Relevancy plays a very important role when it comes to off-page SEO strategy. The off-page process should be done slowly and over time as search engine regards sudden link building efforts as unnatural and consider them spam.

Off-page submission in simple words, means posting your links to useful places which in turn returns backlinks and serves as a path for other people to come to your website using that link.

Here are some of the important steps which are a must to include in off page optimization in 2015.

Social Media

Social Media plays a significant role in brand awareness and driving traffic to the websites. Though you may not be able to provide a backlink from many popular social websites, it still is a great opportunity to present your products to billions of people without much efforts. Some of the popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Most of these websites have different marketing strategy, which can be used to promote the product or content.

Blog Posting
Post the content on web as much as possible. Internet is all about content. Good and authentic content is all that is needed to succeed in the world of internet. Google loves fresh content and blogging allows us to give fresh pages to Google. These blogs can be used to create backlinks to our websites using various techniques.

Article Submission

There are number of high PageRank sites like e-zine articles. You can send in your submission and upon an edit from their editorial team, the article may get published. If the article doesn’t meet their standards, the article gets rejected or are sent for further modification. There are a huge numbers of readers available on these websites, and you can get huge traffic as well as authentic backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

It is similar to the bookmarking which we do on our personal browser. The only difference is that in social bookmarking, we submit the links to popular sites as a bookmark and is accessible to all the people present on that website. It is not private there. When all these people access these links, the chances of getting visitors and valuable customers to your website improves. You can also get the backlink (do-follow or no-follow) from those sites.

Blog Commenting

Being a part of the discussion and providing useful information is always helpful. Same thing happens when we participate in a blog commenting. In blog commenting, we can post the useful stuff along with the link to our relevant web page. It helps to gain new visitors to our website.

Directory Submission

Some people say that directory submission is dead, but it is not. Google blocked some of the spam directories, because they were breaking the link building rules of Google. High PR directory still play a significant role in off-page optimization.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing plays a significant role in generating traffic and let us create brand awareness. Some people prefer to watch videos rather than reading. With the advent of technology, it has become very easy to create and upload videos online.


It has been observed that people respond more to images as compared to text. It helps us to gain information quickly. Graphics are eye catching, sharable and contains value in a very attractive and compact information.

Document Sharing

Sharing PDF and PowerPoint files helps us to share content in different formats other than blogs. Posting these PowerPoint and PDF files on sites also helps to create backlinks and generate traffic too.

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