We have all heard the adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ but the opposite is also true. A common image of a pie may not evoke much emotion but a description about the scrumptious, sweet and succulent pie may leave you salivating. Take away the words from movies or commercials and you wouldn’t know what may be going on. Well, you get the gist. Narrative is important and especially when it comes to business, the right kind of copywriting can make or break a business’s marketing efforts. As a hidden device in a business’ marketing toolkit, a good copywriting creates the perfect sales pitch. Here are some tips to get it right-

  • Know your customers : You should not pitch your copy to all and sundry. Having a crisp and targeted copy will make all the difference. Define your target audience and weave your copy accordingly.
  • Have a ‘You’ Attitude : Instead of rambling about what you can offer, try giving a solution to any pain-point that the customers may be facing.
  • Use ‘Active Voice’ : Using Active voice makes the copy concise, succinct, more understandable and powerful.
  • It should read easy : No one likes extra-long paragraphs or content that stretches till eternity. Make it small silly!
  • Images brings in the visual appeal : Some things are best said with visuals. Words have a tendency to go out of hand and bore the reader. Make the images matter.
  • Ensure A/B testing : The best part of content is that it can be tested! Ensure that it is done to avoid the “no-open rate feeling”
  • Use your products/Services well : Add in the USP (Unique Selling Proportion) of your product or services and how it can help your customers. This is what will attract your customers and what will set you apart from them. Also, include value added services you may be providing.
  • Cut the Fluff : Write only what is important. Don’t beat around the bush too much as the attention span of a web user is very little.
  • Avoid Too much Information : You may think that all the information which you are including in your copy are important. That may be it, but too much of anything is undesirable. Trim your copy to ensure only the most important details are included.
  • Use Keywords Judiciously : Stuffing the copy with keywords will make your copy look spam. Use keywords sensibly.
  • Make It Skimmable : Not all your customers may be interested in reading long sentences but perhaps may still want to get the gist. Break your copy into paragraphs, use headings and subheadings as well as format text with Bold, Italic, etc.
  • Avoid Jargon : Use easy to understand, simple language and avoid jargon.
  • Create an Urgency : The aim of a good copy is to ensure that the customers are forced to take a call to action. Using words like ‘now’, ‘special deal only valid for few days’ etc. coaxes a prospect to take call to action.
  • Add Call to Action : After you have created the copy, you need to ensure that your prospects are taking the desired call to action. Decide what the call to action will be and add it.

A nicely written copy can make all the difference to a marketing initiative. It can be the difference between an ‘almost customer’ to a ‘definite customer’. Get the best for your dough with Carmatec’s expert copy writing services. At Carmatec, we ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right time. Talk to us to know more.

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