In the times when a major chunk of the digital growth is coming from the mobile channel, in fact who wouldn’t benefit from a responsive web design? If at all you have an online business, you will certainly benefit from using responsive web design for your website – it is not just a website design trend but, now, a necessity for any website – that doesn’t want to lose its ever-growing ‘mobile-only’ audience.

As the owner of an online business, at any point of time, you need to stay abreast of the latest industry trends in order to beat the competition and if not, then at least to stay competitive in the markets you’re targeting. This helps you eventually meet your specific business goals such as expanding your reach to the targeted audience, give your conversion rates a natural boost and maintaining a good website experience for its visitors – your potential customers to be happy.  A responsive web design is one of the most critical answers to all these business needs of yours.

Key advantages of a responsive design for your website

1. One website to maintain and one set of code: Having a responsive website means that now we need to maintain only one set of code, one set of pages for our website. So, any changes or new functionality we apply to the desktop version, also become automatically applicable for the mobile.

2. Higher rank in google: We have content published only once which completely does away with any issues pertaining to duplication of the content. Any efforts we put in for the SEO of the desktop version of your site also become ‘automatically’ applicable for mobile. And, since you’re offering the mobile using audience, a mobile optimized version so you’re more likely to rank higher on the mobile search.

3. Offer a consistent design across all devices: A responsive website can help us maintain a consistent design across devices rather than serving its users with a different set of pages, for each type of device that may have a different look and feel. This imparts an overall consistency to the web presence of your business.

4. Save money on mobile development: Having to maintain only one website in place of multiple, becomes so much easier for the businesses. Just by implementing a responsive design to your website, it does not only become convenient but also a lot speedier for you to make changes and build new pages. This is how, with a responsive web design, companies can save a significant amount of time as well as money.

So, apart from it being convenient to have a responsive web design, it is a far more affordable way for a business to become accessible to its mobile audience – as compared to considering to develop a mobile application. Given the fast-paced growth of the ‘mobile-only’ audience, any online business should simply not make the mistake of ignoring it, if it wishes to realize its growth plans somewhere in the near future.

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