With Google handling over 1 trillion searches every year and over 1 billion names being searched every day, it is safe to assume that people have searched about you and your business, unless you have been living under the rock!

Imagine yourself as a restaurateur who has a rocking business. Lately you have been seeing a great reduction in the number of customers that visit your restaurant. Panicked you check with your head chef and find that there is no problem with the food. You are at a loss on why it has been happening and a customer fill you in on a bad review that you got on a famous review site. You put the two together and realize that online reputation matters.

Reputation is the most coveted word for a business. After all, a good reputation brings you business and a bad reputation can even shut you down! With this hyper growth of digital medium, a small review is enough to put a dent in your reputation. Even though internet has brought a lot of benefits for a small business, it also has brought a lot of uncertainties as it is a very easy medium to disparage a business. So is it possible to safeguard your reputation and enforce your credibility? Online reputation management is the way to go! If you thought online reputation management is something only the giant conglomerate got involved in, you couldn’t be more wrong. Check out the benefits of online reputation management below and make an informed decision.

What is Online Reputation Marketing?

In this hyper-connected world, we all are so much dependent on Google or other search engines for searching on ‘how to’s’ to searching about business and people. ORM (Online reputation management) is nothing but minimizing the negative information about a person or a company and keeping them out of sight and highlighting the positive results about them on top of Search Results.

Why is it necessary?

We as humans easily get influenced by the negative opinions we find about people or businesses. One negative comment or review is enough to ruin your identity in front of your potential customers not to mention, reducing the opportunities that come your way making your business suffer. With Online reputation management, you can ensure that your potential customers only hear good things about you.

Benefits of using Online Reputation Marketing.

  • With Online reputation management, you can put forth only good reviews, positive talks about your business.
  • You can monitor on what is being said online. You can filter hypothesis, and get alerts about comments, forum posts, or reviews made about your company on the Internet.
  • You can remove false reviews about your business.
  • Overall, it gives your business a positive brand image which is essential for your survival.
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