Responsive web designs are not just an additional feature for your website but they have become necessary for online success in this day and age. For this reason it has become almost a cliché for the designers to talk about it in their sales pitch. However, in this article, we will tell you about some of the key benefits of having a responsive design for your site.

1. Seamless browsing experience across devices: One of the key benefits of having a responsive design is the seamless experience it offers to the users no matter which device they are using to peruse your site. The website simply adjusts itself according to the screen-size and your user gets to navigate through it conveniently without losing out on any business-critical information meant to be shared with them.

2. Improved Website Loading Speed: It is not just your website users who love to use fast-loading websites but the search engines like Google also love those. This is the reason why, when a website loads fast and performs well, the flow of traffic to the website increases while its bounce rate also drops. Since along with an optimal viewing experience, responsive designs also add to the load speed of the site, the overall performance and popularity with the search engine also increases.

3. Saving on the Bandwidth: While using a responsive web design, your business can save on the band-width by making sure that you remove any of the less-important page elements from the other digital devices apart from the desktop where the complete version can be displayed. On one hand, this helps you optimize the users’ experience across the devices, on the other, it helps improve the performance. Also by optimizing the use of relevant images across the devices, you can dramatically reduce the number of HTTP requests to your website, eventually increasing the website speed.

4. Improved Performance across Browsers: On browsing using various browsers, the experience of the user for a website can totally differ. Have you ever wondered what could be the possible reasons behind this? The main reason behind it lies in the way in which the parsing, rendering and reading of your website’s code happens on a certain browser to display in on the screen. Responsive design accelerates the parsing, rendering and browser’s reading of the code to make your website’s elements load speedily on most of the browsers.

5. Bringing in cost Effectiveness: Since a responsive website eliminates your need to invest your resources in building a separate mobile website for your business apart from a traditional desktop website, it proves to be quite cost effective. And therefore, within your limited budget, the responsive design helps you optimize the digital experience of your audience across all devices and browsers.

6. Boosting your website ROI: By adding a responsive web design to your website, you take it a few notches higher in terms of look and feel, performance, functionality and in general, the overall user experience. A modern website with a neat and clean design offers expedient experience to the end-users. This brings about higher level of satisfaction of the audience, translating into higher revenue generation as well. So, a responsive design helps enhance the ROI of your web presence with the minimum possible efforts.

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