Case Study

Business Requirement

The client is a datacenter that offers dedicated and colocation server hosting. They wanted to build a customer portal so that their customers can seamlessly manage their servers, IPs and hardware configuration. The customer front-end was handled as a RIA in flex so that it could also work like a desktop app. Carmatec was the right development partner for the client due to our expertise in servicing and managing datacenter processes. Some of the requirements were technically challenging such as automated IP assignment, automated OS reloads via the datacenter portal which was difficult to implement without the thorough technical know-how in understanding datacenter ops.

Client – Datacenter Company
Man hours spent – 1500 hours

Solution Offered

Carmatec’s PHP Team built the datacenter portal for customers as well as the admin portal for the datacenter operators. The entire process for managing servers, IP, bandwidth, resource usage was built into this system. The modules we built for them consists of

  • Server Management Module
  • IP Assignment Module
  • Remote OS Reload Module (A very complex implementation to facilitate the customer to be able to reload his OS via the datacenter portal)
  • Remote APC Reboots
  • Bandwidth Usage Monitoring
  • Ping Monitoring and Uptime Stats

The above automation greatly reduced the management overheads for their staff, and with many of the above processes streamlined the datacenter admins were able to spend more time in their core service areas.

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