BlockChain Digital Wallet


Business Requirement

Considering the competitive leaders in the current market and the growing demand of the valuable customers, Client was conceptualized with a vision to develop a digital wallet which will aim to revolutionize the way individuals make payments, transfer and lend money. The Mobile and Web platform will enable the potential Customers to manage their finances from one place with ease of access, yet in a secured way.

The ultimate objective of the project is to build an digital platform using CakePHP for business logic development along with HTML5 for UI and MySQL Database. An Android and iPhone mobile app will be developed as well, to provide seamless interaction for potential Customers and the Merchants.

Business Objectives

1. Customers:

  • To maintain their finances on the digital wallet and instantly add more money to their digital wallet
  • To purchase any product/service from the registered Merchants, using their digital wallet balance
  • To transfer/lend money from their digital wallet to another registered Customers digital wallet

2. Merchants:

  • To sell their products to the registered customers by using their QR code
  • To monitor the payments received and outstanding from the business

3. Business:

  • To manage all the registered Customers and their information E-2-E
  • To manage all the Merchants and the payment transactions
  • To measure and analyze the business performance via. Reporting data

The mobile App will work in sync with the web application and will give a seamless interaction to the Customers and Merchants. The mobile app is built to provide a handy solution to the Customers to manage their finances and purchase the products using their digital wallet. Customers can sign-up and manage their finances online through their mobile app as well as Website.

Solution Offered

The major highlights of the Solution are:

  • All the modules work seamlessly together within the suite of applications and can be extended via API.
  • Usability: The pages load quickly and it is very intuitive and easy to navigate within the application
  • Design: The design is very modular and is based on the DRY concept (Do not Repeat yourself).
  • The application is responsive and can be accessed on various devices.
  • Primarily the Customer Portal enables Customers for easy registration, adding money to their e-Wallet and make purchases using their digital wallet.
  • The application is scalable, secured and fast.

Technology Stack

The application is built on:

  • Operating System: Unix, Linux
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Database Server: MySQL (5.6.33)
  • Serverside scripting language: PHP (7.1)
  • PHP Framework: CakePHP (3.5)
  • Client side: html5, css3, sass, jquery, javascript, bootstrap3
  • Hosting Environment: Amazon Cloud (AWS)

Client: FinTech Company, UAE

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