Case Study

Business Requirement

The client provides workflow, process management, archival and reporting for the approval and compliance verification of advertisements, specifically within the financial services industry .

The application handled the following

  • Enable users to sign up for free/paid account.
  • One click AD approval – Users can view and approve ads with one click via direct email links instantaneously.
  • Ads can be securely approved from any computer or device connected to the internet by anyone who is granted access through a secure web address.
  • Each organization is assigned a customizable, secure web address and can safely grant personal access to anyone inside or outside the organization.
  • Client does the audit preparation. It grants auditors temporary access to all past advertisements and allows them to make notes for improvement.


  • Extensive bug fixes of existing application
  • Integration of new module to existing application

Client – Finance Institution, US
Man hours spent – 700+ hours

  • Ruby 1.9.2,Rails 3.2.6, Haml/Sass/JS.
  • Gems – Devise, paperclips, aws-sdk ,jquery-rails, capistrano,haml,ransack,ancestry,delayed_job_active_record’,

Client details are protected under strict NDA and, therefore we do not disclose such information. However, we can provide references once you make an enquiry.

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