Trends in website design are ever-changing and to keep pace with the tough competition in the online market-place, it is important for every small business to not just stay on top of the latest in website design but also, be able to incorporate these changes to stay relevant and visible to their target audience. Google holds the highest importance to the usability of any website and the design trends also tend to make your website more usable over a period of time. So, small or big, no business can simply overlook the trends in website design.

Here are some of the trends in website design that every small business should know about to stand out in the online market.

Content is and will be the King

In our pursuit to make our websites more and more functional, we’ve been adding the elements such sidebars, social media buttons, popups, calls to action, signup boxes and what not. While the websites have become all the functional we wanted them to be, the key purpose of visiting a website for the audience is to gain some sort of information and no business should ever forget that. So, while you add all those functional elements, do make sure that the content of your website should still remain at the focus and no element should divert your audience from perusing your website content with ease.

It’s time to get over the Flat Designs

In the past few years, we have made every possible attempt to make all designs flat. And this, somehow, seems to have taken a toll on our creativity by making all the designs look more or less the same. If we look at the layout in isolation, every design seems to have the same basic and generic look. S, it is high time we got over it to enter into a world of creativity and uniqueness in terms of imaginative website designs that can easily stand apart and that have something different to offer in terms of their aesthetics.

Time to use Duotone Gradients

In the recent years, with the emergence of flat designs as the style of choice, we have left gradients way behind. However, many brands are adopting duotone imagery that blends in a few colours together to create a nice branded effect and this is a refreshing new update after the old and worn out style of gradients and solid colours.

Incorporating more GIF Images and Animations

The use of GIF images and animations are gaining in popularity these days because these do not only help make your website more interactive but also let you explain complex concepts and offerings in a simple and meaningful fashion. The animations and GIFs, these days, are making use of CSS and SVG for a more sophisticated presentation and clearer communication of the concept.

Use of Geometrical shapes & patterns

The trend of using geometric lines, shapes and patterns has continued to make its place in the websites and will do so in the times to come as well. This trend is popular because it helps you add more personality to the flat designs and take those to the next level with inclusion of circles around the pictures or the overall design of the site that relies on geometric shapes, this trend is thus, here to stay.

The latter half of 2017 is sure to witness some of the best website designs in each category of industries and offerings and these are some of the design trends that will be part of these great designs. No business small or big should overlook these for making their digital presence memorable.

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