With the emergence of new trends & innovative tactics for the online marketing in 2017, as small businesses, we should not forget that the essence of online marketing success lies in getting the basics right first. Sometimes in relentless attempt to master “that new trend” for our online marketing, we just miss out on those small factors that can make a big difference to our online presence. This article is not just a reminder of those small things we can keep in mind but also a check-list of the online marketing tactics, every small business can adopt in the year 2017 within its current marketing budget.

1) Make your email marketing on point

Email marketing is one of the most low-cost way of creating a strong brand recall among your target audience. All you need is a list of your customer database and a simple and engaging copy of email content to make your marketing message across to them in an easy manner.

2) Make your social media efforts more focused

To begin with, you can simply build your business presence on Facebook and Google plus. Depending upon your business type and where your target audience is mostly found, you can gradually take to the other social media platforms as well. Keeping your focus around these two platforms initially simplifies the task for you and you can focus on strong message to be shared with a huge audience that Facebook is home to.

3) Improve your SEO – the User Experience way

Do your website audit multiple times from and end-user’s point of view and remove any hiccups that the user may be facing while perusing the content of your website or experiencing the various features and functionality of your website. So, there can be a few design or development related flaws or the user-friendliness of your content that you can improve to enhance the user experience of your website. A website that is user-friendly is naturally ranked higher by the search engines.

4) Get more mobile-centric

With Google’s Mobile-First Update, it has become not just advantageous but mandatory for a website to be mobile-friendly to register its presence. So, make your online strategy as much mobile-centric as you can. This will not only help you rank higher in the search engines but will also increase your reach to your target audience on-the-go. To fetch the best results from everything ranging from the web pages to social posts, check them for their responsiveness before sharing on the public platforms.

5) Take better informed marketing decisions

To make your marketing decisions more accurate, base them on a combination of the Analytics data-born insights and the existing opinion and knowledge of your team as to what has been working for your marketing and what has not. This eliminates the risk on completely relying on the data while deriving any advantage from it if possible. At a small business level, infusing a bit of human intelligence to the analytics data goes a long way in creating success.

6) Leverage the power of Video Marketing

With about 60% people expressing their preference for watching the content in place of reading it, it goes without saying that videos are the most powerful way to share informative, interesting and engaging content with your audience. Videos help you leverage the fact that majority of the current generation prefers to engage in passive entertainment over the active one. Hence, small videos with crisp and compelling content can work wonders to create a strong brand recall for your business.

7) Make your blogging more regular & organized

Planning your blog in advance for regular posts and updates keeps you consistent with blogging for your business. This keeps your website regularly updated with new content for a stronger recall of the search engines and you keep on getting regular traffic on your site. So, organizing and keeping your blog regularly updated is yet another low cost but effective online marketing tactic that your small business can easily embrace.

In the present-day scenario of fierce market competition, no small business can dream of thriving without consistent online marketing efforts. Usually short of capital, these small businesses can begin with these budget-friendly marketing tactics and gradually take up bigger endeavors in this direction.With budget-friendly and highly effective digital marketing solutions targeted at achieving startup success, Qatar Carmatec specializes at start-up digital transformation. Want to avail a free consultation for the approach your small business needs to follow for your specific industry type? Feel free to leave us a comment or Contact us.

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