Social media of your brand has a critical role to play in establishing your brand in your target market. Specially so, if you are a startup looking to make your place in a market in today’s competitive times. Many small businesses tend to underestimate the social media of their brand for a variety of different reasons but the truth is entirely different. One of the best ways for startups these days to set-up their brand is through efficient use of social media. When done right, it can reap rewards for your brand that you can simply not imagine, while when done wrong, it can totally ruin your brand’s reputation. Here are some of the social media mistakes that your brand should refrain from making to maintain its image and effective presence in its target market:

Equal focus on all social media

There are many brands big and small that make the mistake of working equally with every social media channel with no focused approach for any one of those. However, for any brand, it is utmost important to understand its target audience and its behavior and usage of the social media platforms. They also need to consider which kind of a social media network would be ideal for what kind of a brand. This helps them make a very important decision from the standpoint of their social media strategy as to how much time to spend on which platform and what kind of returns to expect out of it.

Paying no heed to the negative reviews and feedback

Negative feedbacks are nothing but your opportunities to figure where all there is a scope for improvement for your brand and getting negative feedback on social media should therefore never be ignored, it should rather be taken constructively. The way you respond to such feedback and the way you resolve the issues your customers are facing, in fact tell a lot about your brand. Some new brands make the mistake of removing or ignoring the negative feedback which is not the right way to go about it if you are here to do business in the long term. So, in place of avoiding the negative feedback, it should be taken as opportunity to learn from and it should be taken as opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s commitment by addressing to them properly.

Monotonous posts with no depth & character

If the essential elements of variety and creativity go missing from your brand’s social media posts and most of your posts are similar-looking and boring, soon enough your customers are going to lose interest in your brand and your brand can also thus, gradually lose out on its followership. This also creates a boring image of your brand that has no creative solutions to offer to its customers. So, it is important for the brands these days to stay aligned with the psyche of its target audience and post content that is new and creative enough to keep them interested and inspired.

Blasting your audience with content one after the other

By no means should your brand project its image as an irritating brand that keeps bugging its customers by blasting content every now and then across their social media. This does not only leave them irritated but it also kills the social media efforts of your business by creating your brand’s negative image on the social media. Thus, they will either unfollow your page or ignore your posts altogether. So, the right way to go about it is to maintain a social media calendar for your brand to make sure that while you are regular at posting the content, you are not overdoing it. While preparing your social media calendar, you also take care of the online behavior and timings of our target audience so as to maximize your social media efforts with good visibility for every social post.

Lack of monitoring & analysis of results

Another mistake that most brands make is to overlook the monitoring and analysis of their social media efforts. By this, we do not mean that your Page likes or followership should necessarily increase on a month-on-month basis but the goal of the whole exercise is to have more social media conversions for your business in the long run and with that goal in mind, you should be tracking the progress of your social media efforts and keep on fine-tuning your efforts and making the changes require in its achievement.

Not focusing on visual and interactive content

Some brands keep on posting quite informative and qualitative content for their social media but they make the mistake of overlooking the impact of high quality visuals to accompany such awesome content. Visual and interactive content has historically proven to perform better since people reading anything like to see interesting visuals related to the subject matter. So, it in fact helps them stay engaged to your post for longer when you add an interesting image relevant to your social media post.

Being irregular & inconsistent with Social Media

Just the way, making too many social media post updates can be a major turn-off for the audience, not making regular updates can also be equally bad for your brand’s social media. For your brand to mark its presence on the social media, it is not enough to simply create a profile and leave it at that – this is the mistake many small businesses tend to make. Such brands should understand that not posting regularly is a missed opportunity for them. So, apart from a proper profile picture, cover picture and description of the business in the about section, a brand is required to be regular with its posts to keep things going for it on social media.

To earn a good brand reputation on social media, these are the commonly made mistakes every brand can carefully avoid, for the starters. This can help them bring their social media on track and witness significant improvement in the results as well. Let us know in the comments section if you have experienced any more mistakes the brands tend to make while managing their social media.

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