“Average conversion rates are meaningless. Switzerland on average is flat.”  Chris Goward

Almost everyone in the morning picks up the phone either to snooze or slide off emails lying on the notifications. Wait a minute before generalizing it. There is an exception if content in Email is personalized to a point it makes the individual click the notification and read the content under the bedsheet. Even after advancements in Social media platforms in past few years, Email Marketing is still in its reigns when it comes to Internet Marketing. So, what is Email Marketing? why there is focus on inbound marketing these days than traditional outbound marketing?

In simple terms, Email Marketing is sending commercial messages to potential customers in the internet world. It has evolved over the years and it is digital form of the direct mail marketing. B2B marketers extensively utilize email marketing for lead nurturing. Reaching the inbox of prospective customers are much easier to say than done as most email and Internet service providers block messages that are not legitimate.

Traditional or outbound email marketing is a technique reaching consumers (Subscribers as well as Non- Subscribers) directly through email. It is marketer-centric, and emails are often forced to readers or viewers without their consent which in turn is not a great experience. This process is becoming obsolete and is often overlooked. This is the marketing technique that ripen fruits for baby boomers and at this age, millennials choose inbound email marketing as it garners more ROI than former. Inbound is consumer-centric and focus will be on the context as well as content delivered to them. Personalization is critical for businesses for their present and future success.

If you are planning for email marketing, there are four main principles that every marketer should follow for successful inbound email marketing.

  • Exponential rise of mobile devices – As per the information in the Statista, number of mobile users is forecasted to reach 4.93 billion . 54 % of emails are opened on mobile and it is essential to optimize emails for mobiles.
  • The significance of Segmentation – Segmenting your email marketing lists will be good start in improving the open and click rates. By targeting the specific groups , they will find the content more relevant and there by conversion rates will increase. In inbound marketing, content and context should be taken in to consideration for better ROI. Improper segmentation will significantly affect the performance of emails.
  • Personalization – It is another core principle that will lead to triumphs in email marketing. Personalized subject lines are 26 % more likely to be opened by targeted audience. If you are having a contact database, you can further personalize according to their activities the users have performed.
  • Data driven analysis and optimization: Analytics is a game changer and it will allow you to identify the trends and optimize accordingly for successful marketing campaign. For analytics, you could use Google Analytics and it’s such a great tool that you will regret not using it earlier for in depth analysis.

So, you have it. A brief description of Email Marketing and its core principles you can also check our blog on effective strategies for successful email marketing.

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