By now, every successful business has come to realize the importance of well-thought through email marketing strategy to help them maintain regular inflow of leads. Here are a few things every business big or small, must keep in mind to successfully plan and execute their email marketing strategy to reap the maximum benefits out of this channel of marketing:

1) Email over social media

It has been reported in many surveys that the emails have significantly higher advantage over the social media in achieving the conversions of the new customers as compared to the social media. Email alone is able to bring in as many leads as all social media combined which means the same results in lesser efforts. Every social media needs to be focused upon separately and each has its own factors determining the success of the campaigns whereas, email marketing with focused efforts leads to the same results with better efficiency of the marketing campaigns.

2) Timing & frequency matters

The surveys report that as compared to the emails sent during the 9-5 window, the ones sent between 8:00 p.m. to midnight receive better response in terms of their open and click-through rates. So, this may sound a bit off-beat to some but the best strategy to send out the emails is in the night hours. According to the researches, 8 PM to midnight is not only the best timing to achieve better open rates but also for the click-through rates and sale. The reason behind it may be that this window is the least focused upon by the marketers which helps the emails sent in this window perform better.

3) Responsive emails perform better

It is found in the surveys that since the mobile opens constitute almost half of all the email opens, no business can simply overlook such a big chunk of its target audience by not making efforts to design their emails responsively. So, it is must for every business to design their emails responsively to make sure that their emails are nice and easy on the eye regardless of what device is used to read them.

4) Email personalization should be meaningful

Emails should be personalized not just by using the first name of its recipient but in a more thoughtful and meaningful manner. Using the first name hardly takes any effort or the use of brains. What really needs efforts and what really makes sense is to personalize the emails keeping the readers’ state of mind and needs in one’s mind. And it requires a certain amount of empathy and relationship building to achieve this.

5) The dilemma of the subject line length

Whether the subject line of the email should be short or long has always been a question but what the researches underscore is the fact that the area of 60-70 character-length subject lines can be avoided altogether. This is a dead length of the subject lines that practically does not contribute to increasing the open rates or the click through rates of the subject lines. Having said that, the longer subject lines do not only positively affect the open rates but also positively contribute to the click through to the content and hence are preferred.

Every startup must take notes and must try to implement these small email marketing tactics for their businesses to see how these make a big difference to the response received in terms of more leads and conversions. In addition to this, while implementing these, one should test, test and test more to figure out what works better for one’s business.

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