Modern-day website design strives to put the user experience aspect of the design at the forefront in each of its essential elements. The reason why the modern-day web design is user-friendly, also makes it friendly to the search engines. Here are the 8 essential elements of the modern web design that every business must know about before starting with their web design project.

#1: UX Oriented


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In this rapid changing world and market, every business is focused on meeting the users’ needs.
If your website visitors are leaving your website too early and the business is not happening as per your expectation this means that your site is not user friendly. Modern web design is more & more user oriented. Good user experience is all you need for taking your business your business to new heights. You can easily engage your visitors better with user-friendly elements and easy navigations, animations, custom designs etc. to impart the best user experience.

Some service-oriented websites allows their users to build their own customized products to impart unique experiences. For instance, consider Volkswagen service-oriented web design. Their car customization tool allows their customers to choose the desired colour and texture along with some other related features.

#2: Single Pages


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Further to previous point, single page websites trend still continues in 2017 too. Websites with single page designs eliminate the need for more navigations and they are long-scrolling pages. Such sort of long scrolling pages are more popular because of their mobile friendly designs. In mobiles navigation buttons, either they will be in hamburger menu or they will be smaller in sizes. Surveys suggest that the users prefer to deal with long scrolling pages over multiple pages.
The main reason for this is that such sort of long scrolling single page designs fit all devices despite the screen resolutions even though they have some other cons.


#3: Advanced Personalization



Signing in and signing up was a tedious job for users. Using advanced technology websites is making it a lot easier for users. They are allowing users to login using their social media accounts. Then, there are a few sites that their own custom types and full screen videos which imparts a personal touch to these websites.

#4: Best use of Photography and Graphic design


Photography and Graphic design

Graphic design elements & photography are playing major role in web designs. Real time photos are becoming more popular. The best possible use of color theory makes these websites more beautifully stand out. The use of large, high resolution images gives a strong visual experience.


#5: The Best Use of Open Composition

The Best Use of Open Composition

Previously, web design was full of closed, symmetric & closed compositions. Modern web design is more focused on open composition. Closed composition means all the elements are neatly arranged inside the frame. Open composition means as you have guessed, it is opposite to closed composition and it gives dynamic look to your website. Thus, the website looks like certain elements “exist” somewhere beyond the border of the user’s screen. This holds the users’ attention and interest for longer time.

#6: Retina-Ready Designs


Retina-Ready Designs

To keep up with the changing market, apple has introduced standard retina screens on many devices. Now, this may require some amount of practice if you’re not already familiar with the retina design. At the same time, it is worth making an effort to get familiarized with it since the final outcome in terms of the product is no less than spectacular on all monitor resolutions. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to make your web design retina ready to utilize the highest quality of graphics supported by the retina screens.

#7: Minimalism



Minimalism essentially follows the user-centric designs that focus more on what the users want to see rather than what you want them to see. In this concept, you can find limited yet useful information with clear user-interactions and clean and untidy designs. Also you can notice, well-used white spaces, selective use of design elements, Video which tells your story instead of the use of the lengthy and monotonous paragraphs and custom& balanced type styles.

#8: Responsive



All the latest websites are designed in such a way that they fit in all type of device screens. “Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.”
Advantage of Responsive designs
• Super Flexible
• Excellent User Experience
• Cost Effective
• Easy to Manage
• Browser Friendly

These are the essential modern-day design elements that every business should focus on adopting for their website to keep up with the website design industry trends. Have a few more elements you believe should make it to this list? Let us know in the comments section.

















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