Matching up to the standards of the latest trends in website design is a challenge as the designers and marketers together constantly keep on innovating with new ways of designing the website to woo the audience more and more effectively. This is the reason why modern website design is always a subject of curiosity among the amateurs and professionals in the industry alike. We have come up with a list of key elements that constitute the modern website design that strive to capture the essence of the latest design trends in the best way possible:

1. Minimalistic & flat Design

Minimalistic Design follows a user-centric principle wherein it strives to deliver in a clutter-free manner, exactly what the user is looking for in the minimum possible time. Thus, it makes a website highly usable for the modern-day audience that has the attention span of a child when it comes to browsing the internet for the information they need. So, to keep up with the latest trend of minimal and flat designs, the use of flat Icons is recommended while the use of shadows and 3D perceptions has been eliminated from the modern web design.

2. Home Page with large hero image

Another way to ensure that your website home page is free of clutter and distracting elements is to make use of high-resolution images that, by and large, fill up the entire home page. On one hand, this serves to eliminate the need for a lot of content on the home page, on the other, with effective use of a hero image, the users find the visuals of the website appealing. This eventually results in an effective increase in the website conversion rates. Having this kind of a clutter-free home page with just a few yet prominent calls to action is the next step taken by the website towards minimalism.

3. Use of Navicons or Hamburger Menus

Navicons or the Hamburger Menus add more usability to any website since the users today, want to know what all do you have on your website just the moment they land on your home page and not to forget, they would appreciate the ability to access the menu while on any page of your website. The Hamburger menus are thus, a great way to create a decluttered layout for any website which is the very reason why the most prominent brands in the market are increasingly vouching for this style of menus.

4. Effective use of white space

The white space on your web pages is a rather underrated tool that when used effectively can help you create a beautifully minimalistic layout with the flow of information controlled to produce maximum impact on the reader’s mind while directing their attention to the most critical business information on the page. The correct use of white space helps the on-page elements stand out in the best way possible and renders the text easily readable. Thus, keeping the website spaces open and clutter-free is essential to building a minimalistic web design for your website.

5. Typography unique to your brand

The modern-day websites are using typography unique to impressively represent the brand of a business and brands these days are being recognized by the unique typography they are using on their website. The use of a specific typography creates a certain impression on the readers’ mind about your brand and your business and this is the reason why choosing a typography that suits your brand perfectly has become a critical aspect of design these days. In addition to its relevance to your brand, the other factors you need to pay attention to, are its colour and legibility apart from the type of

6. Personalized User Experiences

The website designs of today, do not just sit passively over your website, let the users come and make all the efforts at finding the information they need from the website, but, powered by stored cookies, the modern-day website designs equip the websites with the ability to deliver highly personalized & accomplished experiences to every user that lands on the site. The personalization of the content with use of stored cookies is not a new aspect of web design but with the analysis of users’ past behavior including location, browsing and buying pattern, the personalization of information has achieved a greater degree in the modern designs which has resulted in higher conversion rate.

7. Effective CTA

The modern websites are more than just an informative brochure of your business where the visitors simply come to peruse the information without having to take any action about it. The modern-day websites smartly include impactful calls to action that help the businesses fulfil their objective of eventually converting the website visitors into a business lead and a business lead into a customer. By delivering valuable business information that is the most relevant to a user – in the form of a brochure, white paper or a free e-book, the business can prompt the users to share their contact information and add them to their lead-list for future brand interaction. Effective call to action is thus, yet another important element of the modern web design.


While the latest website design trends are constantly changing, and are therefore quite challenging for the businesses to keep pace with, if the basic principles of maintaining high degree of usability are understood, any business can come up with a great user experience through their website and enjoy an ROI driven web presence at a minimum cost.

At Carmatec, we specialize at helping start-ups build such modern website designs that are highly efficient at bringing exceptionally good amount of traffic and high rates of website conversion through our user-centric approach. Looking for a website design that is stylish and contemporary and user-centric and purpose-driven at the same time? Feel free to contact us and get a price quote for your requirement.

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