Your business website is undoubtedly the face of your business in this digital age. The moment your prospects come to know about your business or your offerings, the first thing they will likely do is to look it up in the search engines and visit your website. So, your website is the means of establishing a great first impression on the minds of your audience and you would want it to be a lasting one.
A lot more than just a ‘build and forget’ affair, your website project keeps on evolving as your business evolves and requires a rather long-term commitment from you. It goes without saying that keeping your website up-to-date is therefore critical to the success of your business.
While keeping your website updated is important, knowing when is the right time to do so is equally critical. So, here are a few questions you should ask yourself while considering a redesign for your business website.

1. Is your website not responsive?

Not being responsive for your website means downright loss of all your mobile audience which is something no small or big business can simply overlook. So, make sure that your website is responsive or redesign it to make it so.

2. Is your website navigation too complex?

Users generally prefer to stay longer on the sites that allow them to find all the information they are looking for in as few clicks as possible. If during your sales process, you are frequently asked questions that have been addressed to on your website explicitly, it may be time you need to reconsider your website navigation and hence, a website redesign.

3. Do search engines even know that your website exists?

Success for your website is heavily dependent on its visibility in the search engines these days. So, if your website is virtually non-existent for the search engines, it may be time you considered a new redesigned website in order to boost the visibility of your business over the world wide web. This is particularly important because most people look for your business in the search engines rather than directly typing in your URL in the navigation bar.

4. Does your website take longer than expected to load?

If your website takes 5 seconds or longer to load its content then as the studies say, your visitors will lose interest in your website and the bounce rates are bound to soar high. This gives rise to a need for website audit for optimization and redesign. Your developer in such a case, needs to look into the reasons and with the help of the new design eliminate those reasons such as background images, textures and custom fonts causing delay.

5. Does your website have parts that are not working anymore?

If there are a couple of broken links on your website, you must take out time to fix this issue as soon as possible however, if your website has many error messages, broken links and many events of missing images to fix, it’s a sign that your website needs to be well-organized with the use of a suitable content management system. So, it makes sense to consider a complete revamp of your website design that comprises of installing and using a suitable content management system.

For any of the mentioned reasons it makes perfect sense to consider a redesign or a design revamp for your website. Even if your website is functioning fine but you are not sure why the number of your website visits, traffic, leads or conversions are declining, it is time for an audit of your website to find out the reasons and analyze whether a revamp can fix it. For an expert website audit, feel free to contact us.

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