The advent of internet marketing has given a level playing field to the startups for competing against the well-established brands and make their mark despite their being of small size and in initial phase of operations. If the startups make the most of this immense opportunity and perform their internet marketing the right way, they can even surpass all the competition and rank on the top of the search engines. With thoughtfully designed marketing campaigns, even startups can create a top-of-the-mind recall for their brand among their end customers.
Have a look at the website design trends in the year 2018 which when adopted by the startups have proved to produce remarkable results:

#1: Easy Navigations


Easy Navigation

Keep your navigations stationary, as simple as possible and also, consistent throughout.
Divide categories correctly and use accurate navigation titles. If navigations are easy, easy for the customers to reach what they are looking for.


#2: Follow The Latest Trends


Follow Trends

Here are some of the prevailing design trends to make your website stand out:
• Bold Typography
• High quality videos & GIFs
• Efficient work on the composition
• Use of Vibrant colors based on design/content needs
• Custom Illustrations
• Minimalism
• Use of custom patterns etc.

#3: Avoid Clutter

Avoid distractions specially at the points where the customers have their buying decisions to make. Instead, you must provide them with the relevant information that they are looking for. Don’t include unnecessary external links and too many ads which will indeed reduce your web traffic. Keep Content as simple as possible.

#4: Branding



Don’t underestimate the power of branding. Nowadays, people are more conscious about brands so, if your product branding is powerful, the provider becomes almost secondary. Have your own style in website using custom illustration patterns or you can use your own photographs to give your website a personal touch.

“Have a clear story about who you are but put what you offer to the forefront. That’s what customers are interested in.” – Anonymous

#5: Use relevant Icons & photographs for Features-Listing


Use relevant Icons & photographs

The reason for this is that this makes it easier for the visitors to appreciate the context without reading the content. i.e. they get an overview of the content from the picture itself. This serves to eliminate a lot of complexity and so, the visitors can easily check all the details you have provided in lesser time making your website all the more usable.

#6: Testimonials and Live Demo


Testimonials and Live Demo

Adding testimonials and live demos helps you gain visitors’ trust. This does not only help the visitors to understand what sort of services you offer and products you sell but it also communicated to them how happy your customers are with your offerings. If you are not working directly with the customers, you can add articles, news , press releases or image galleries etc. as these help them get to know your brand from closer and helps build trust.

By making small and seemingly insignificant changes to your web presence and by following just some of the latest website design trends, your startup can go a long way in establishing itself as a trusted brand.
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