There’s no dearth of challenges in the path that entrepreneurs have signed themselves up for. And the biggest of these challenges is to successfully set-up the web presence of their start-up using all the suitable platforms. Website design, in deed, plays an important role in helping them achieve this. If done the right way, it can make a world of difference to the way they can present their offering to their online audience. Here are the most essential elements of a website design that the entrepreneurs need to be careful about.

Underscore the Purpose

The first and foremost thing about a website design is that it should ensure that within the first couple of seconds, a visitor should be able to understand the basics of what it is all about. So, a successful entrepreneur does not keep people guessing about their business and the visitors must immediately be able to tell about what the website intends to propose to them.

Be Easily Accessible

With the constantly declining attention spans of the net surfers, it is highly recommended to provide them with the most critical information such as the most important product specs or your contact details, as easily and as early as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of sending them to your competitor’s websites to find it. So, try to make your company’s contact information as conspicuous for them as possible because there should be no reason to make them struggle to find it.


It is a very well-known fact by now that if a visitor is not able to access your website pages within the first 2-3 seconds, not only will they leave your website but will also carry a negative impression of your website for its slow speed. So, one of the most critical aspect of a website design is its being friendly to speed since this is one of the most critical parameters contributing to the website performance and customer experience which eventually have an important role to play in its ranking in the search engine and the digital marketing as well. So, in order to improve upon the website speed, it totally makes sense to keep your home page clutter-free, code simple and upgrade the server in use, if need be.

Provide visible value to the visitors

Successfully attracting a good number of visitors with a compelling design and content of your website can be a good start, but your goal is not completely fulfilled here. Engaging your audience effectively to make them come back to your website again and again is true brand creation. For this, your website must have differential value proposition for the guests, free registered users and the paid registered users to encourage them to register and eventually, help trust-building process and eventually, to buy your offerings. For example, offering free consultation services to the free registered users.

Cutting-edge functionality

An extraordinary website design is important – all said and done – nothing says “we are superior” better than equipping your website with the most advanced functionality relevant to your offerings. So, if your website has blogs, discussion forums, chat bots and everything that enables your visitors to be more interactive and put their point across effectively, it will only inspire them to spend more and more time on your website and build trust for your brand and its offerings in the long run.

Designing a website is a critical business decision, therefore, as an entrepreneur who has just decided to enter in the online market-place, you need to understand that every small design decision can have a consequence in terms of revenue and sales.

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