Imagine yourself as a Museum owner. You have all the artefacts and knick-knacks sourced from all corners of the world! You have a huge gallery with a glass wall inviting people to come and get inspired. But you don’t have a door through which people can come in. In online setting, this can be called as having no “call to action”. Without call to action, you don’t get leads, you don’t have sales and you don’t have growth.

Call to action (CTA) words are usually “action” words or sometimes even images, that drive the readers to click through and take a particular ‘action’. When you create a call to action you’re trying to induce someone to complete some action. It could be signing up for newsletter or buying something from your site or even sharing your content on social media sites.

While writing call to action, you should focus on action words that speak to the audience and explain why they need to take the particular action and how it can benefit them. You should use words in your CTA button which can convince the reader to take desired action.

The CTA button speaks directly with your audience, so it should be crystal clear. It is also important to understand how language, colour, size, and shape influence the click-through rate. Check out the three must haves in call to action:

Make it Short and Clear
Call to Action should clearly define what will happen when someone clicks on it and also reader should be able to go directly from CTA to performing the task itself. Your CTA button should stand above from rest of the sentence. It should be strong enough to make visitor think “I shouldn’t miss it” or “Yes, I should try it now”. An effective CTA is usually between 2 to 5 words. CTA is like an instruction for visitors about what action they should take next. It should be simple and sweet, make it clear enough to visitor about what their next action is.

Use Urgent Language
Create a sense of urgency with your Call to Action button. “Buy now”, “Download now”, “Only for Today” are some examples for effective call to action which encourage quick action. What do you expect from a visitor/reader to do after visiting your blog/website/landing page? It could be anything from purchasing your products/services or to download eBooks or any other desired actions.

Create a sense of urgency by using time sensitive words like “Sign Up and Get 50% Off Today Only!” which are simple yet describe the urgency.

It Must be Easy to Act on for the Prospect
Place call-to-action buttons directly in the visitor’s line of sight. The CTA should be highly visible and in line to viewer’s focus. By using a nice colour, good font size and style you can grab the user’s attention. Do an A/B testing to understand what gels with your visitors and then decide on the colour, font size, style and placement of the CTA button. Don’t get too snazzy with the languages. Always keep it simple and easy to understand. If someone doesn’t understand the meaning of the words you are using in call to action button, how would they take the ‘desired action’?

These are but a few tips to keep your ‘Call to Action’ click-worthy. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog section for more such ‘easy to apply’ tips.

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