The usage of mobile devices has been relishing a splendid growth while their popularity is skyrocketing at a tremendous pace. In a scenario like this, a website that is not designed considering the variety of screen sizes is a big no-no and proves fatal for your business. This is the prime reason that responsive websites are the new hot in the market and are addressed primarily by all of the best web developers. After all, it is one of the best ways to make your website adjustable and respond to the changing screen size. While you rush to hire a coder considering the benefits, let us look at the various aspects of a Responsive Website and its advantages to give you some more reasons:

First Things First: Are Responsive Websites the same as Mobile Friendly Websites?

Well, this is a myth that many of us come across. Of course, they are not the same. A mobile-friendly website gives the visitor an experience of the breathtaking look on the mobile. Visitors may face issues with the navigation when they use the website on a device with a higher resolution. Contrary to this, responsive websites are the ones that are capable of adapting to the changing screen sizes. This implies no matter if you are viewing it on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, there won’t be any noticeable changes.

Why do You Need a Responsive Website?

1. Because Higher Popularity of Mobiles Indicates Towards More Traffic from Them

There was a time when people used to create different versions of the website for mobiles and desktops. It costs a lot of time for development, deployment, and maintenance, but it also multiplies its cost by manifolds. But, no more. A responsive website brings you relief from this issue, as you have only to design the website once and enable them to adapt to various screen sizes.

2. Dual Benefit of Less Cost and Website Maintenance

Running two versions of the same website costs you more in terms of time and money than one version. No doubt it costs you a little higher initially, but it also takes lesser time to set up and allows you to offer your visitors tailor-made location-based services.

3. Offer Your Visitors with Seamless Visitor Experience

One of the significant disadvantages of having an unresponsive website is the fact that it makes you compromise a lot on the visitor experience and eventually leads you to lose the traffic. While the desktop version may not be an issue, the mobile version may be a plethora of them with misaligned text and images. This is where responsive websites come to the rescue. By letting you maintain just one version of the website, it enables you to focus on the quality a little more and guarantees that your website is not a pain to the eyes of the visitor.

4. Responsive Websites make Sure that Your Website is SEO-Friendly

It has been a known fact that Google generally prefers responsive websites to the ones with mobile templates. A single URL for the website makes it easier for the Google Bot to trace the route to your website and minimize the on-page SEO errors. This assures that the responsive websites perform better than the separate, mobile-template sites.

5. Responsive Websites are Future Device Ready

One of the prominent features of a responsive website is that they are not made custom according to the device but the screen size. This keeps you free from upgrading your website to meet the changing speed requirements, thus proving time-saving and cost-cutter for you. It also ensures your site performance despite the number of advanced devices launched.

6. Because Speed Matters

A desktop website takes a lot of time to load on the mobile. In a world that seeks speed, this slow loading may cause you lots and lots of traffic and hence the business. A responsive website ensures that the website takes almost equal loading time irrespective of the screen size and thus keeps the visitors glued.

Take-Home Message

In a world that loves nothing but everything upbeat, a site that does not care about visitors’ experience and time is a big turn-off. This problem can be significantly solved by talking to the representatives of the web design company and talking to them just incorporating the feature of responsiveness to your website. It will yield you more incredible conversion and improve your organic ranking and offer the visitors a fantastic visitor experience.

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