The instant image that comes to our mind when we think of McDonald’s is not the iconic big Mac burger but the golden M-shaped arch. Have you ever contemplated on why is that when a burger is loved so much all around the world, it doesn’t come to our mind when we think about its brand? Such is the beauty of logo. Try thinking about any famous brand and the first image which flashes in our mind is the logo of that organization and not products or services. A logo is how a business is recognized. Logos reflect the personality, values and principles of a business. In short, a logo is shorthand of a brand. It is an emblematic insignia through which an organization tells its story.

A powerful marketing tool, logo are an imperative aspect of an organization. A major graphical representation, logos are a visible manifestation of a company through which an organization is recognized and marketed. A well-designed logo creates an indelible impression on the mind of a consumer. A logo can evoke emotions as in the case of the swoosh of Nike. The moment we see the swoosh, the image of various aspects of sports and physical activity come to our mind.

When it comes to websites, a sleek, awesome looking website always invoke the emotion of trust while a badly designed website evoke apprehension and have higher bounce rates. The importance of a stylish logo can never be stressed enough.

Here’s a little smattering on the importance of a well-designed logo and how you should go about designing it.

  • Find a Purpose

Before you opt for a logo, always think about the identity which you want to project. A logo is the face of the business and an ingenious logo can project a positive image of the organization. Actually a creative logo can not only project the positive image but provide an affirmative aura to the business itself. Choose a logo which conveys your core brand and values. A logo should communicate the right message and align with the principles of the organization. Depending on the kind of business you are in, your logo should reflect the generic and specific tenets of your core competency.

  • Principles of Design

With a myriad option for colours, typography, visual elements and other aspects of a logo, it is very easy to get carried away. The market is rife with logos which stick out like a sore thumb against their organization. A good logo is good only until it gels seamlessly with the other aspects of your businesses. A rainbow coloured logo with Comic Sans font may be a good option for a playschool but it would cast a very bad image for a serious business. Similarly a school logo needs to portray playful and learning aspect of the institution and a designer logo with dark shades would look bizarre in that case. A well-made logo projects a sense of meaning about its organization. For instance, most tech organizations tend to opt for angular logos to denote speed, whereas service-oriented businesses generally tend to go for smooth-edged rounded logos to give out a sense of trust.

  • Establish a Brand Identity

A logo is shorthand of a business as in it is displayed across the websites, business cards and stationery. A good logo contributes to the success of a business when it coheres with other aspects of an organization effort. A subpar logo projects incompetence and may be a turn off to potential clients. However, even an elegant logo can fail if surrounded by conflicting elements and erratic fonts. A logo is a basic entity of an organization and all the perceptible and intangible elements of the brand should have similar guidelines to avoid any mismatch.

  • Enhances Return on Investment

Most businesses tend to regard logo as a miniscule part of the organization and thus don’t give it due importance. Actually the logo has the power to evoke emotions and coupled with the services can create a loyal user base for an organization. Furthermore, a well-made logo projects a degree of competence and expertise which can lure potential customers towards selecting your organization instead of going to the competitors with not-so-good logos. Logos can accelerate your business and boost your ROI.

  • Avoid clashes of Logos

Many businesses tend to use similar logos for different purposes instead of identical which tend to project a clashing image of the organization and disturb the cognizance. Always avoid recreating different logos for different purposes and stick to same design, colours etc. across all platforms. Maintain visual and aesthetic consistency when reprinting or recreating a logo for different platforms.

In conclusion, logos should be memorable and resonate your brand and organization. It should be unique and reprise your business values. The most important thing to remember is not to piggyback on a successful logo and copy the design. A copied design only degrades a business value. A logo needs to be original and inspire trust in the consumers. A well-designed logo should be unique, suitable, practical, detailed, and simple in form and express a projected message.

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