What is the ultimate goal for any business? With few exceptions, the ultimate goal for a business is to generate more revenue. The steps included to complete this are:

  1. Driving traffic to your website.
  2. Converting that traffic into leads.
  3. Converting leads into customers.

In olden days, there was no particular set process to complete these steps. It all depended on the whim and fancy of a marketer. But did you know that this process could be made much more efficient with an ROI that could be calculated? It can be done through marketing automation.

Marketing Automation

For old-school marketers, these two words just don’t go together. While marketing is a creative job, automation is so machine like! So, can these two go together? Yes. Marketing Automation brings the best of both worlds – blending the creativity of marketing with the automation of tedious and repetitive tasks ultimately making the operations more efficient and faster.

Marketing Automation is a software allowing businesses to nurture prospects and customers with highly personalized and useful content that helps in bringing in more leads, converting prospects into buyers and turning customers into delighted customers. It is a next-generation tool for improving lead conversions and increasing forecasting and customer segmentation, thereby making your marketing strategy more effective. This software technology can be used to accomplish repetitive tasks such as sending emails, social media updates and other website actions and allows companies to streamline and automate marketing tasks.

The Benefits that it Offers:

Track your Customer’s Behaviour

With the help of marketing automation process you can track how a customer interacts with your brand (website visits, email clicks etc.). From this you get a view about your prospect’s willingness to buy your products. And it lets you deliver marketing messages periodically which can accelerate a customer’s decision making process.

Build Relationships with your Customers

Everyone loves to be noticed. This idea works well in your marketing practice also. Marketing automation provides you data to make every communication personal. You have to interact with buyers and also with current customers in a right way by communicating with them personally. By doing this you can develop a close relationship with your customers.

Accelerate Your Sales Funnel

With Marketing automation, Marketing team and sales team can work together so that you can convert leads at faster rate. And also you can track engagement via pre and post buying process. When lead nurturing and lead qualification processes are in place, it can help accelerate the sales funnel.

Tackle Every Marketing Channel with Ease

Simple and flexible tools can create magic to your marketing programs. Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot are such Marketing automation tools. From social media marketing to email marketing to lead nurturing, you can do more with these tools. According to the source provided by Emailmonday “The Ultimate Marketing Automation stats” 49% of companies use Marketing Automation.

The Top Four Features

Regalix “The State of Marketing Automation” states that the top four features of a Marketing Automation are lead nurturing, email marketing and integrations such as CRM, social, etc. for accumulating customer intelligence across channels, and cross-channel campaign management.

Even though Marketing Automation is a great tool, without a right strategy and implementation, you may not be able to realize its full potential. We at Carmatec can help you make the most of your Marketing Automation. Get in touch with us now to learn how we can help you!

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