Staying on top of the current website design trends makes it possible to create a website that will impress your audience and will hold users attention for the first 10 seconds, and beyond. So, here are a few points that can help you reach out to a larger audience through your website.


It dictates everything from flow to readability and from the colors to the layout. The sooner we understand it for a fact that every design needs space to breathe, the better.


A good layout is one that is perfectly balanced. This does not always have to mean that the layout must be symmetrical. A well-balanced layout helps to avoid making the overall design off-center and also, making the user experience, a pleasant one.


Keep the number of navigation items to a minimum so you don’t end up overwhelming the users. So, it is a good idea to either use a hierarchy or mega menus or to divide the menu into primary and secondary components or simply, to move some items to the footer section, in case more navigations are unavoidable.


To ensure catching the attention of the visitors, calls to action must be obvious and strong. These can make also use of animated buttons to draw attention. This is accomplished through creative use of design elements, colors, contrast, size, space and placement.


Images and videos make your website closer to life with the action and realism involved. A video or an image of a person enjoying your product for example, can more easily grab the attention of your website visitor as compared to a simple static and emotionless picture that involves no action.


The overall color scheme must be pleasing to the eye, be in perfect harmony with the logo, aptly express the emotions associated with the brand and be in coordination with the images used for the website. The color should be able to create the perfect contrast to underscore the content of the website.


Every font has a personality of its own. Choosing the one fit for a purpose, in deed makes a huge difference to how your brand is perceived. The primary goal of words is to be easy to read for the users but visual aspect plays an important role in their readability. Know your font limitations and advantages first to play with them better than everyone else.


Appropriate use of animations, videos and mouse hover effects can make your website a lot more dynamic and interactive. Motion sensing functionality is the trend that is going to stay and evolve in the years to come.


Visual consistency is a critical success factor of a website design. It does not only build trust of the audience in your brand but it also contributes in creating a great user experience. The user should be able to feel a sense of familiarity while navigating every page of your website to have a strong brand recall for your website.

To conclude, the website designs of 2017 will make use of authentic images and full-screen layout to portray people and products that are genuine, trusted and passionate. The primary navigation will get reduced to the basic minimum with the help of mega-menus and contextual navigation. The most appreciated websites of 2017 will make use of direct and persuasive language that will use facts and figures to back their achievements with. Micro-interactions, responsive design and bold images of large size will stay in trend this year as well but for them to be successful; you will need to ensure high performance and reasonable load speed of your website.

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