Once an ecommerce website is set-up with the checkout process, the next step is to attract customer and achieve high conversion rate. While shipping and handling costs have long been the major reason that people abandon shopping carts, there is a fear factor too that gets added to the list. Let’s discuss a few website design strategies that can help you make your potential customers stay on your website and buy your products online.

1. Professional Web Design

A professional looking website with high-definition graphics and user-friendly navigation makes the visitors stick around to explore your site further whereas an ugly and unprofessional website is a reason of losing a large percentage of visitors and experiencing a high bounce rate.

The first impression is very important specially for the online stores. That’s why it is very important to take time to create appealing and pleasing professional design.

2. Brand Humanization Elements

People trust people, not the pages or websites. So it is very important that a human factor is reflected from your website.  You need to present yourself with faces and names to your prospective customers. The points that can add human factor includes About Us page with information about your company along with:

  • a message from your company’s Founder or President with a photo
  • a Meet Our Team section with photos and names
  • a brief history of your business with the types of products or services you offer

3. Trust Factor

As said by marketing guru Dan Kennedy of GKIC (Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle): “What others say about you and your product, service, or business is at least 1000 times more convincing than what you say, even if you are 2000 times more eloquent.”

This can be achieved by showcasing customer testimonials on your ecommerce website or even video testimonials. The positive press about your products in a News section on your site can be another way to “prove” that other people trust your company. If your customers review the products purchased from your site, it directly adds to their credibility. It is a good idea to include any awards you received or any accomplishments.

4. Secure Website

The online shoppers today are tech savvy, they look for the additional “s” in their browser address bars i.e. https rather than http, and padlock symbols which tells that a website is secured. This is must for an ecommerce website. Also, ensure that the third-party payment vendor you choose is reliable and updated with the latest security technology

5. Contact Information

Nowadays, you need to prove that you are running an authentic business. This can be achieved by having a contact page with a valid telephone number, email and addresses along with the other vital information Including employees’ email addresses, social media account usernames, or LinkedIn profile URLs establishes more credibility than a generic email address, which can feel sketchy. Also ensure that your contact information is consistent throughout your web presence since it helps you be easily contacted.

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